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Thread: Inside look at Cilvaringz album, "I"

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    i for one am not waiting for this album anymore considering he's been hyping it up for almost as long as Masta Killa took to drop an LP..your not a legend yet son, do what you can before your Gza's age...and i think he caters waaaaay too much to this forums opinion of his album...re-writing songs? come on man...that just means you aint got what it takes originally...anyone who takes YEARS to drop an album before theyre even an established entity isnt worth the dough if you ask me...i kno im gonna be hated on by everyone and their mothers on here cuz ringz is god of this site...and hey ill say it..ringz got ill beats no doubt about it...but i wish he wouldnt rhyme or drop 'nigga' like hes straight outta stapleton..ill probably download it heh

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    Quote Originally Posted by the silencer View Post
    ur absolutely right actually....they seem to have the same design for everything they've done...

    but its still fuckin DOPE tho no??

    i think the cover for the Wu-Tang Lost Anthology they did is one of the best covers ive ever seen..
    Quote Originally Posted by rzarectah View Post
    all those covers look exactly the same....it gets old after awhile...
    Quote Originally Posted by the silencer View Post
    nubian image shood do the cover....

    they did some of the best covers ive ever seen...

    No Said Date, Black Market Militia, Indie Culture, Army of pharaohs, etc..

    Are they using a template or what? Nubian Image is like Family Guy in South Park.

    All those covers are played out. They can only do one trick. No Said Date was great, but after 3 years, all the other covers tend to look alike.
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    Aight, give us another sneak-peak
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