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Thread: Have Wu affiliates (eg Killa Sin, La Darkman) taken over Wu members skills

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    Sin is more interesting than I think you can even imagine and just because I find him endlessly fascinating doesn't even come into to play-he only needs to hold an albums worth of your attention.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DyNaMiTe View Post
    hell razah
    la the darkman
    killa sin
    9th prince
    christ bearer
    timbo king

    all on par with the generals
    Are you serious about that? That guy is perhaps the worst rapper ever. His flow and voice are crap and most of his lyrics descend into random nonsense.

    You think this is on par with any of the generals?
    The audity prodigy,
    The cosmos commodity, knowledge guides equality
    A whiff while I myth and a sniff off a E&J fifth
    and a spliff, the proton neutron,
    Sally with the crouton dipping in the Yucon,
    Supernova yoga, dosia, ambrosia crane and cobra
    The yolk for help and the stealth with the knowledge of self
    like no one else, the code of yoba
    From the noble none of my niggaz local
    Emotions are for the weak, so I sold mine to the highest bidder.

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