Killarmy Fear Love & War (Loud,2001)

Released Sept 11, 2001

2.The Push
3.Militant (w/U-God)
7.Street Monopoly$
8.After Hours part 1
10.Feel It
12.Whatever We Want
15.The Hit
16.One To Grow On
18.Day One%
19.Spoken Word
21.The Rule
22.Lady Sings the Blues¿

Produced By 4th Disciple except $-Falling Down; %-Rebel Dainja; ¿-Trauma

After a nice little intro the 6th Man Wedding returned for their dopest release. Lord Superb drops by for the first cut; "The Push" with dope lines like; And, all y'all niggas mad I got the iron from Ghost
And, Chef still cookin what you tryin to get roast
Bobby'll beat that ass, Meth do a show in ya coats
And Cappadonna, the Masta will Kill ya
You fuckin with a true master, fuckin with power
You fuckin with the Wu bastards, fuckin with ours
The next track "Militant" features a nice hook from Baby Huey and another excellent 4th track. 4th Disciple really shines bright on every track he produced on this gem. "The Originators" is a brilliant track and features a hungry 9th Prince proving hes one of his crews best. The next 4 cuts are the deepest "Sweatshop"; "Street Monopoly"; "Trilogy" and the superior "Feel It". "Feel It" is one of 4ths best produced joints and featues deep heartfelt, beautiful verses from Dom P and 9th Prince.
Killa Sin´s flow murders the dope "Whatever We Want";
Eh-yo, we come from gun cockers, rock the guzzle and
Pop a couple and bop the opposite the coppers runnin in
Rooftop binocular, why's they keep hoverin?
Somehow, someway, you know they comin, kid
Duck from the po-9, blast 30 rounds for my comrades
Cocktail bomb, my Killarm' rag'll launch that
Complex, gin X intellect, intercept the mic with an inner-step
Smash like a rental wreck, young gun but been a vet
Walk North, mini Tec talk to ya sawed off, mine blow ya balls off
Worldwide from one small asylum, Staten Island
Where the crime round-up rises like waves when homicide hits

Solidifying further his reputation as one of the best of the Wu Fam.
For my taste PR Terrorist Dom P and Killa Sin along with 9th Prince are the strongest on this disc. 4th comes with outstanding production leading the Wu Elements forward. "The Rule is another amazing 4th jewel.

Overall this is a great album that any real Wu head should have had already.

Beats 10/10
mcs 8/10

Overall 9/10