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Thread: Wade Waters - Return Of The Kings the Mixtape

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    Default Wade Waters - Return Of The Kings the Mixtape

    Wade Waters: Return Of The Kings the Mixtape
    Why not combine forces and form a duo to combat the monotony that is mainstream Hip-Pop music? Soulstic and Haysoos have done just that, ushering forth a mixtape that actually sounds like two individuals that enjoy rhyming. You wonít find any corpses lying around after Wade Waters: Return Of The Kings has stopped spinning. The title track Return Of The Kings is a cool tune thatís smooth enough to rock in the background at your mid-summer family function while having ample boom and bap to get all heads within range of the hi-fi to nod in agreement.
    Don't sleep on D.C. and Chicago, together there's nothing stopping them from locating you and waking you up.(Album production furnished by; Analogic, Arsenal, Father Scott, Oddisee, SBE Audiologist, Shuko, Speaks & 9th Wonder. Also guest appearance by Cuban Link on 'Rock Solid'.)- Choice Live
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