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Thread: T West – Crackle Of Light

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    T West – Crackle Of Light
    A glimmer of hope for the future of Hiphop resides far north in a region known for montées suited in red uniforms, brandishing accents that Americans can’t seem to stop mocking in film and animated shorts. The fact remains that Canada has a tremendous amount of talent to offer the world when it comes to Hiphop. This can not be denied. Almost seems like everywhere else other then the place where the culture began, are it’s participants seeming to really get it by showing appreciation for the elements that started with, some invisible young men and women (would be have-nots), and ultimately leading to the creation of an entity that has made a whole lot of people (have) globally.

    T West approaches his tracks with the weight of the world on his young shoulders. I don’t believe that his knees will buckle anytime soon. From his freshman release you can see that he has much more then potential. A grasp on the current state of the world and his generation's concerns is what he has and he effortlessly expresses them in an impressive manner. Crackle of Light is actually an album, not a collection of songs like most assembly-line Hiphop these days. Let me also say, that along with T West being a pretty tight emcee, his production skills are to be envied by producers that only produce. Listening to West is an inspiration. He makes you question where the minds of his, ought to be mentors are. But I guess it has become the responsibility of a younger generation to regulate everything from music to politics, since they’ve been in many ways shunned by their parents that never took complete responsibility for them. Crackle of Light is definitely a spark in a very dark world, controlled by maniacs that could learn a lot from the well thought out words of young man that’s only doing what he was placed here to do.
    - Les-tor Manchestor

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