Hah. I actually took this seriously.

Intro - 6.5 (Good thing I'm not considering RZA's "verse" on this at all!)

In The Hood - 6

Rules - 6.5

Chrome Wheels - 6

Soul Power - 5 (RZA didn't edit the fucking break! He left it run on too long and it's off-rhythm when it re-loops! Come ON!)

Pinky Ring - 8 (Undeniable)

One of These Days - 4.5 (Very average beat. Why did they take some track that wasn't even that great to begin with from someone I haven't seen produce anything before or since, and make it one of the first outside r-produced tracks on a Wu-Tang Clan album? I took additional points off because who the fuck is that producer anyway?? I heard he's their dealer and this was a little favor to him.. he must have some GOOD shit for them to put his bullshit track on their album!! I don't want his beats, I want his number! Seriously, I'm a Wu-purist and only want to hear Wu-Tang production on a Wu-Tang album.)

Y'all Been Warned - 7

Babies - 7

Radioactive - 7 (A little treat for the real die-hard purist Wu-fans, but a bit boring.)

Back In The Game - 5 (TRACKMASTERS!? Ugh. Understandable move on Loud's part, seeing as it was about to go under and were desperate for any kind of hit. But no one looks to Wu for that kind of hit. They sampled whatever RZA used on "C.R.E.A.M.", so it was respectfully as Wu-ish as Tone and Poke could manage to make it, but it really fucks up the flow of the album. It's like.. "and now time for a quick commercial break!" It must be said, though, that this song has one of the most impressive GZA verses E-VERR.)

Iron Flag - 8.5 (That's what I want to hear, goddamnit!)

The Glock - 7.5 (Ugh. I'm not as outraged by this track as I used to be, and, since this is about the production only, have come to appreciate it for its more experimental ambiance. I'm not a big fan of that arpeggio bass - something RZA does with synths pretty often - but the drums are FIRE, and so on and so forth. I used to hate that U-God said "bout it, bout it" in the song's hook, it's like don't legitimize those southern retards! You're Wu-Tang, don't pander to them! You're 1000 times cooler than they'll ever be, stop it!)

Dashing - 7.5 (One of my favorite "Digital" RZA beats - even though that's not saying much - lots of cool things going on with the synths, very melodic, etc. VERY nice GZA verse again, but the "Dashing through the hooooood..." part was such a retarded, douche chill-inspiring moment in that song that I spent over an hour making a custom mix of that song. I removed that bullshit part out of it, spliced a brief instrumental section into it, maybe included the "Come, come, come" hook into it, and listen to my own version instead. Haha. It's a very solid track despite the fucking carolling in the beginning. The "Slater Max" and "Air Olden Polynice" talk is funny shit too.)

(Bonus Track)
The W - 7.5