i just got a text message from a friend of mine that reads as follows........"every text message you send costs ten cents. that same ten cents can feed one poor child in africa for a whole day. so do your part and send this text message to 7 of your friends and starve the little nigger for a week."

i laughed while reading this because one, it's pretty witty, but more so because the people who hate the black man are too DUMB DEAF BLIND to realize that hate comes about from jealousy. and for one to accept their jealousy and realize their potential for growth means that they can say, 'peace to the gods,' and mean it. and those who believe in things like the text message, have pitty for them because being surrounded by such a beautiful earth and not seeing any of it must be hell.

i personally want to thank the WU-TANG CLAN for their efforts, along with all others with influence, for speaking the truth even though it brings persecution towards them and their families.