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Thread: new mef album and dirty

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    What are you al trying to say? That Ghost doesn't miss ODB & hates Wu-tang? Come on man, what do a few words mean?

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    when dirt died the first and only two to walk out to the streets and ease the fans nerves was ghost, and i think rae, but i know ghost, so shut the fuck up. Don't start acting like Ghost didn't have love for ODB or Wu-Tang just cause meth says it more. Meth probably raps about shitting more the Ghost, does that mean Ghost doesn't take shits?

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    stupid fuck i didnt say ghost aint got love for dirty, just said didn't say it rip on his album and i know he had a tribute song to odb and that he had a featuring with odb but didn't see any of it. and man words mean a lot if u dont things so then socialize a little. ghost always reppin wu on his concert but not on his cds dont know why. love ghost anyway so aint hating so ya calm

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