At the risk of taking some serious heat, I came to the conclusion that MK gives a weaker performance on his solo albums than any of the other 9 generals do on theirs. He uses a minimal amount of emotion in his delivery and his lyrics aren't nearly as good as they are when he spits on Clan albums. I've only purchased Made in Brooklyn today, and I'm pretty disappointed with it thus far. He seems to rely too heavily on production (which is very "meh" on the album) and guest stars. I think his debut is a solid effort from front to back, but lyric-wise for Masta, it's just not up to par. He just doesn't sound remotely hungry on MIB either. I'm not sure what is next for Masta, but I think he should take more than a couple of years off before he releases another album. Lyrically, Uey is superior on GAR.