Beatboxer Entertainment presents
The Hip Hop Subway Series
From Jersey to NYC

Its back and this time bigger and better!
On September 17th 2006 The hip hop subway series starts off in Newark and ends up in Brooklyn. Human beatboxers, emcees, B-Boys, singers, spoken word artists and more make up the hottest hip hop subway party. At the last last hip hop subway series the world saw Beatboxer Entertainment and friends rep the underground. It is no different. Sponsors tried to holla at us but we declined and decided to keep it money free and make it a way to feel the fun of hip hop with no corporation trying to tell us what to say, who to invite, how to promote, basically we now control how hip hop on this train. We control the lyrics, we control the kind of dance, we preserve the integrity of hip hop on the train, we meaning all the participants, artists and watchers. This fall come out every other Sunday to the hottest party in the underground. Unamplified Human beatboxers and emcees will be performing on the back of the trains. There will be NO drums or kazoos or small portable amps!

SundaySept 17th
Where does the Party start?
6pm Back of the Newark path Station heading to NYC
We get off at Chambers street and meet up at the back of the C Train by 7pm to Brooklyn where we will stop at Utica for a huge hip hop cipher on the Utica plat form.
For more info contact Kid Lucky at

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