i dunno if this has already been posted but there's advertisement for method man's album in the new FHM magazine

and he talks about what influenced his album

Marital Woes

"You do your best writing when bad shit happens to you. My wife and I got separated. It was over other women. I was stupid -- and that's why I'm now sleeping at the studio."

Socom 3: U.S. Navy SEALs

"When I wasn't recording, I was playing SOCOM on PS2 online. Sometimes other players say "You sound like Method Man. They figure out who I am."

Music Critics

"This album was inspired by tactless reviewers. Once, a Wu Tang member punched a writer in the face because the article's illusration made us look like gay cartoon characters."


"One song has a verse by Dirty. Once in a Miami club, I saw a crowd and there was Ol' Dirty getting brain froma bitch. He was talking to peopel and they were egging him on: 'Go! Go!'"

also you can check out


it also has a little thing there "Method Man's album 4:21..The Day After is out August 22.