I would really like to see videos for Fall Out and 4Ever.

In Fall Out there are emgerencies in every major city and Method Man coming to the rescue, to save a damsel in distress (hip hop). Like in the chorus, he would be "100 miles and running" to get there.

In 4Ever it would start were Method met a girl when they were young. Show how they grew up through the years, loving each other until now, and the promise to be 2gether, 4Ever. The lady should be a professional (lawyer or teacher) like he says in the song. There would have to be scenes shown of her doing her work, and he on tour, with temptation of groupies, but staying true.

I think he'll eventually sell a million so I'm going to pick 2 more songs.

Walk On would have to be done with potnah Redman. The rock beat is crazy! Maybe on a pirate ship, sending some fools to walk the plank.

Lastly, Got To Have It - this would be sweet with him having everything he mentioned in the vid. Lookin' fine, as he does so easily ...