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Thread: Method Man really reps Wu

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    Meth has always stayed tru to the W......remember, he never walked away from the Forever tour w/Rage Against The Machine back in the day......it was the other members who no showed and thus caused RzA to call it quits

    I ran across this old radio interview RzA did in UK (Radio 1) where he talks about Meth:

    TW: Now what was one of your low points?

    RZA: I think I took a low point myself in uhm, I think it was after the Rage Against The Machine tour. That was when I saw the opportunity for Wu-Tang just to dominate the next five years, I could see it happening. But the crew was still stuck in ghetto mode. They were still too rough for mainstream. There's nothing wrong with being too rough for mainstream, but at the same time we became mainstream without our control. I was about to focus like, we're about to be IT! They was like "I don't want to be rocking these shows!" We were rocking it for about 30.000 kids, but it wasn't the hood! They wanted to rock the hood. I was like "We are going to do that, don't worry about that. Let's just rock the world, let's rock all nationalities, everybody and then come back to the hood where we're good." We could even go back to the hood and give a free concert. There was a lot of dispute over that. Then it was like, four men showing up, five guys showing up. I don't think they really saw the power we had. That really got me kind of depressed. It was in Cleveland, Ohio. There was just me, Method Man, Streetlife and Masta Killa. Everybody else was gone and there are 30.000 kids. I'm like "Yo, what's going on? Damn!" We did the show anyway but I can't do it on the mic like that, I can't lie to the fans. So I told them "If ya'll don't rock this, I'm not rocking! I'm giving up on ya'll!" The next night I just kind of gave up on it and I disappeared for about 30 days. I just had to sit down because I don't think that they really saw what we be doing to ourselves. Nowadays we still reminisce about that like we played it wrong. Now you see people like Eminem selling around 75.000 seats easily. We had the potential to grow to that level because the love from the fans was like that. But if you don't show up and the fans can't depend on you it really caused the fan to get it from somewhere else. If I can't get it from this spot, I'll get it from the next spot. I'm the type of guy who'll never let the fans down. I always try to make every appointment. If I'm not sick or if it's not a family problem, I try to make anything. If you're sick or if it's a family problem, you got to respect that. That's life. Even when we did the cover of The Source, my mom was in the hospital. Nobody wanted to interrupt me because they know that I'm focussed and she passed away. To me it shows that I'm really dedicated to Hip-Hop, dedicated to it like my wife. I just wanted the rest of the group to feel the same way. They do them, but it took them a long time to catch on. Meth was always there, he never stopped. That's why Meth is the biggest celebrity in the crew and one of the biggest celebrities in Hip-Hop. He never stops working, he'll always show up. We talk about it and Meth is always like "I'm here for you, no matter what." He used to get mad at me because I was showing equal love also to the ones who wasn't there. He was like, you can't be huggin' the ones that ain't here. I'm bringing you everything. You can't show them love while they don't bring you anything. But love is love though.

    TW: But Meth always came through…

    RZA: Always. To this day. Always.

    TW: I seen him on the Def Jam Vendetta tour and people always love him for the work he puts in. It's like an investment and they get that love back. I think that's one of the reasons his career has been so strong.

    RZA: Guaranteed. The other guys sometimes don't understand why. I'll try to explain it to them sometimes like "Do you know how Meth got where he is? Meth works!" Every time you put in work, you'll get results. Work doesn't mean just the studio, that's only 10 percent of the work. You got to hit the radio stations, you got to do the in-stores, go to the clubs at night. If you come to New York, you'll always see me at the clubs at night.

    As for U-God, seems like he gets real moody at times.......1 minute hes reppin WU next hes bad mouthing the Wu-Tang brand in several interviews & not doing his solo albums using the formula that got him there......dont even think he mentions WU on Mr. Xcitement

    Here's one of many Mr. Xcitement interviews about how he was doing his own style 'what he was feelin'

    ...Wu-Tang is RZA's baby, niggaz wanted to start their own shit, their own biz. We’re 15 years into this, at this point in the game, everyone has their own crew of artist, producers and shit that’s got nothin’ to do with the other Wu dudes.

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    word i noticed that when i first heard his new album man.... that nigga reps wu harder than any of these mothafuckas except maybe Rza that nigga is throwin up W's and rockin Wu Tang on his clothes at all his hollywood shit

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    Yup even on RnB cuts...no matter what it is...Hes Wu Brother #1 Dont forget it.

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