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Thread: New Math CD

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    Default New Math CD

    Is it me or is Math reppin Wu more than the members? On the cover Wu logo, on the disc Wu logo and more features from members than recent Wu solo projects. I'm torn by this because it's nice to know someone is tryin to keep it Wu, but equally disappointing that members don't do the same thing...

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    Default Re: New Math CD

    is that new album any good?havent kopped it yet but ima kop it as soon as i have more money

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    Prince Rai

    Default Re: New Math CD

    aii, true say, but i think generals do their job also,

    math is just under the realm of WU, so what can he do?

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    Default Re: New Math CD

    That's my point, he is doin more or equal to what the generals are doin. Doesn't make much sense to me. If you look at the last batch of solos (even though it's been a while) you don't see many Wu features excluding NSD. I'm not saying the releases are wack, for exacmple Pretty Toney is hot but it doesn't seem like the generals rep Wu like Math did with his release.

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    ^^and the generals arent?

    math could've got any non-wu tom dick and harry to be on his album like everybody else. he just chose to keep it wu.

    other than masta killa and method man(who got jobbed) the generals are repping themselves.
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    Default Re: New Math CD

    That's why it's nice to hear...and a good cd.

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    Default Re: New Math CD

    It's a banger, go buy it.

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    Default Re: New Math CD

    For me Allah Math kinda counts as a 'general' anyways.
    Remember, he knows GZA and RZA longer than e.g. Masta Killa, he was their DJ ever since, he put all his production efforts into Wu projects and he created the Wu logo!!!

    And indeed, his album is one of only four Wu solo albums that feature all members for at least a moment and I think the only one where each member actually comes through with a 'real' verse!


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    Default Re: New Math CD

    Yea hes keepin it wu for sure. Imma cop the album soon enough also

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