The first five songs are an ep’s worth of Rza produced music. 1. Fatal - Rza rhymes over an orchestra beat like in wu-world order. Iv always liked the song venus in furs but I had to listen to the song three times before I heard the loop (it was buried under all those strings.) 2. I gotta get paid – In experimental music you try out things that sound good in your head but trying to get every one on the same page as you is difficult. The beat sounds like he was figuring out how to work his new drum pad and reakwon sounds like he wasn’t even at the recording session because he flows too fast to the beat while Flip and Ghost rhyme mid range. 3. When the guns come out - This song sounds like the west coast version of Hellz Wind Staff I really like the chorus but I would have put the Method Man with WC and E-40 instead of Christ bearer. 4. Thirsty - (Russell’s bronze death mask) on November 13, 2004 odb died of a drug overdose, wu-tang corp. crashed and they played this song with a picture of odb on the site while it was down. 5. Daywalkers - Suga bang bang toasts to this electronic dub by Rza and Ramin Djawadi. All in all it shows Rza’s versatility in music.