Ok...all you immature haterz can stay the fuck out.

I wanna talk about what makes a woman have multiple orgasms......and why a man is limited in his sexual fullfillment. Is it purley biological, or do men have some kind of mental block that pevents them from experiencing this?

What is a Multiple Orgasm?
Multiple orgasms are a series of sequential orgasmic experiences that occur in quick succession. And when it comes to multiples, women have the biological upper hand over men. This is because unlike men, women don't experience a refractory period (the period of time after men ejaculate when they can't be aroused). So women can and do respond immediately after orgasm to more (or hopefully continuous) clitoral, vaginal, and G-spot (that small, raised bump of urethral tissue just inside your vagina along its front wall) stimulation.

Haha...women are bossy!

Fo real, it must serve some kinda "higher purpose". Why can women have this and men can't?