I can pretty much guarantee no one will know what the fuck I'm talking about, but I've always remembered this and haven't heard or seen it mentioned anywhere..

I was so excited about the release of Wu-Tang Forever, and around that time The Source (I was young, fuck you! ) had this service where uyou could call an 800 number and listen to previews of albums that were coming out.

Forever was one of them, and the first track they played was "Reunited" - but there was a different intro! .. there was some guy that was talking all that 5% stuff and I STILL remember some line about how the 9 members are reuniting and realligning "like 9 planets." also, Method Man was saying little things here and there, though that might have been on another track.. maybe the intro to "Older Gods"

it was clearly part of the track, and not some introduction by the service or by the members as a promotion of the album

has anyone heard this.. or heard of it??