Yo let's keep it real some of these beats Wu are getting is booty. Why can't Wu get production from 4th, Bronze, True, Mathematics? You don't just need Rza. Deck is smart he actually found some non-Wu related people that make good beats. I honestly think the next Gza cd will be wack because every cd after BTS his beats got weaker and Gza sounds wack over wack beats. Meth is cool and Deck is cool. Rae and Ghost are the only niggaz who sound good over ok beats. Like Lex Diamonds is a great cd. Tical 2000 is fire with 4th and True taking over. you don't need Rza for a great album SUPREME CLINTELE , BENEATH THE SURFACE, TICAL 2000, RESIDENT PATIENT,IMMOBALARITY, are great examples. Just posting some thoughts. Just find some good beats.