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Thread: Wu Joints you relate to

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    Post Wu Joints you relate to

    I know you wu heads understand that Wu are great storytellers. What is the song you relate to the most? I'm sure there's one we all have. Wu Affiliates or generals, either is okay.

    Mine is: War Scarz (it's on Kung Fu Hustle. Shall I U/L?).

    I'm not a ghetto kid, I moved out of Brixton (it's sorta the.. UK equivalent of Harlem) back in 1990. I live in a neighborhood that gets by, just I'm on the lower end of the spectrum. I think it's truth though, that the mental world I was experiencing was my slum.

    I was 17 at the time, my wiz bailed the day before this whole thing went down. I was going to college on a cold winters morning, you know those days where you got the fingerless gloves and the cold misty breath. Back then, I was failing my education and my home was a roof only held up by a dash of benefits.

    It was exam season and I was running late, so I took the back alley shortcut like I always do (funnily enough: I was listening to 36 Chambers).

    Four black teens, about 2 years younger, with tougher, rougher builds than me were clocking the area. I was slap bang in the middle of this route when I only noticed they were going this way too.

    They came up.

    Kid A: You got a Nug? [Pound Sterling]
    Me: Sorry man ..I'm a student.
    Kid A: Look. Give me a nug. Otherwise.
    Me: Otherwise?
    Kid A: We will fuck you up.
    Me: Leave me alone.
    Kid A grabs my suit collar.
    Me: Look, this isn't cool...
    Kid B lunges for my inner pocket.

    There's a 60GB mp3 player in there, I'm an audiophile, I'm sure many of you are as well. It is the most expensive thing I've owned in my life. It was my 16th birthday present. Some cats get a car for their 16th, this, this was my car.

    Not to lay out a pun, but it was the only thing that kept me driven, in a way.

    I smashed my forehead into A. B, C and D lay some serious beatdown on me. I crouch. I kneel. I'm almost at arms and knees. I'm beginning to fling all over the place. These swings aren't even well composed, but somewhere in the back of my mind I knew; it didn't matter, because I was smothered. They would all connect anyway.

    My nose begins dripping. My eyes blur and adrenaline pumps through my veins. A Left and right fist connect seriously with B and Cs face. It goes on for a lifetime in my mind, and I know I'm damaging them, it's so surprising. Still though... they had the beatdown on me.

    D reached into my pocket, my mp3 player is slipping. I groaned, the kind of noises you hear at a slaughterhouse, I wasn't in pain, I just felt so neutralized. I was balistic, on some real super saiyan shit (which doesn't matter much in the real world).

    I must have had a face like a member of Slipknot, god.

    His hand slipped away and somehow the mp3 player was just... still there. That's when, they all ran off.

    So yeah, I work out, but seriously, it could not have been a power thing. It was just because of the sheer length of time. Someone would have turned up eventually and these cats were more interested in playing it safe. Just get the cream, keep hassle to a minimum.

    I broke my wrist, ironically it's because I had fell on it as I was defending myself.

    I probably could have been stabbed with that atttitude, but it's something I will never regret. I don't want to ever be dishonoured.

    My friends kept telling me they wish they had my back. Also, I met a new girl about two days afterwards, Karin. She was my earth for a long time. Healed me up more than omega oil and x-ray scans ever could.

    I still have and listen to my mp3 player to this day.

    I failed colledge because of this event though. Today was my first day back again. It feels meaningful.

    So yeah, the song is deep to me. I would love to read about everyone elses experiences, and wu joints they relate to.

    Sorry if this is the wrong section.



    Trife Da God - War Scarz

    [kung-fu sample]
    Good plan. who thought of this one?
    Trouble is, I have no weak spots!
    So it won't work! I'm sorry.
    Try something else.

    [Trife Da God]
    True story, live in the making.
    May 29th 1999, That was the day.
    12:00 AM, was the time.
    You know what I'm saying, feel me out on this one.
    Listen closely, pay attention.

    Ay yo, I wonder what people think when they see the scar on my neck
    is he Blood? is he Crip? Is he part of a sect? Nah
    did he get it on the street or did he get it in jail
    I go through the same shit, I'm just your typical male
    when people asked I used to get offensive
    and I never payed the hospital bill 'cause the shit was expensive
    on top of that, niggaz tried to profit off that
    tried to get me for my chain, 'cause my pockets is flat
    felt the razor penetrating my skin, had to block my grill piece
    so they couldn't rip my face with the chin
    I caught 40 stitches, wrapped up leaving the ER
    thinking to myself, like damn this can't be god (damn)
    I fell to niggas trying to disrespect me
    but when it's all said and done, bitches still find me sexy
    they caught me slipping on a douce, far from a coward
    but I was overpowered I was missing my troops
    outnumbered, like six to one, wishing that I had my gun
    me and my baby mum chilling, we was having fun
    but how can I complain, when I was 5 minutes from death
    the blade almost ripped my jugular vein
    old earth by my side trying to comfort the pain
    when a nigga doing dirt I guess it come with the game
    so I took it as a loss, held dat' and busted off
    the cops stated that it was gang-related in the reports

    [kung-fu sample] Thought you'd found my weak spot? but still, you failed!
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    Damage by ODB/GZA, because i used to walk around speaking spanish to jet black kids. And non of them were from panama.

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    Rainy Days- Reminds me of me and my cuz. Two cats tryin' to make it in the struggle
    Wu Tang Forever.

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    Dog Shit - I stepped in it once
    Hip-Hop's forefathers...that's right...forefathers.

    Free Killa Sin!

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