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9th Prince is messy.
It's a shame just because he don't rap like you'r everyday MC
That people think he is wack?
Thats why he is in Killarmy ~ All of their styles are different coming together to create Something special.
Granted he is not as good as Barreta9 or Killa Sin but he is dope.
What makes me laugh is when people say MC's like 9th Prince and Holocaust are wack.
And nearly everyone on here (like me) feel MF DOOM?
What is the difference I just don't get it.
If every rapper spat lyrics like Nas or GZA I would get bored real quick, so guys like ~

9th Prince
O.D.B. (R.I.P.)
Crypt The Warchild
Shabazz The Disciple
Jus Allah
12 O'Clock
Shogun Assassin
60 Second Assassin

Guys with that akward flow bring new possiblities to Hip-Hop and broaden the horizons of Rap Music in my opinion.

If you don't feel him then you don't feel him...fair enough
BUT he is not wack because of that reason.
THANK YOU! someone finally said it. and it took a whole 4 pages.