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Thread: French Hip-Hop

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    I've heard some pretty good french rap, one of my bros is french such as mc solar and others. Seems to be a pretty strong scene over there

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    Rachid System

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr punch
    anybody have a pic of Bams? curious about what she looks like
    Look at my nephew, he jumped at the window just to see you (The Sun - Ghostface, Rza, Raekwon and Slick Rick)


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    I don't speak or understand french but still for some odd reason like its 'sound', most of the time....
    Don't know any artist in France.....well, the only one I have listened to is Rocca....Les Jeunes de L'univers was enjoyable

    Some Montreal'ers I listen to include: Muzion, Sans Pression...
    its been awhile since I listened to any french hip hop, not since I first heard IAM's ish

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