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Thread: Dmitri Young Sentenced To 1 Year Probation For Domestic Assault

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    Default Dmitri Young Sentenced To 1 Year Probation For Domestic Assault

    Former Detroit Tiger Dmitri Young has been sentenced to a year of probation for domestic violence.

    Young pleaded no contest in June to allegations that he assaulted his former 21-year-old girlfriend at a suburban Detroit hotel in April.

    A Bloomfield Hills judge denied Young's request to complete his probation in California.

    But he will able to visit his children in Florida if he completes 30 days of drug screenings.

    The Tigers released the designated hitter earlier this month.

    This guy makes black men that play sports and who are rich look very bad. Dumbass!

    And his former girlfriend is white. =/
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    The bitch stepped outta line, I doubt dude smacked her around for no reason, she probaby enticed it. Buddies got way too much money to do something that stupid...exactly why Patrick Roy ripped his frontdoor off the hinges a couple years ago...
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    no, being a faggot runs in his family. his little brother is the dude who threw the bat at the umpire in the minor leagues earlier this year. they got anger problems

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