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Thread: Its official Rae on Aftermath

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    Default Its official Rae on Aftermath

    Check this link: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm...iendid=4524101

    First off....as I stated the other night....despite what you read on the WEB, or may hear on a few misinfomed radio shows....Method Man is still signed to Def Jam, and "Let's Ride" will the first single from his album 4:21.
    Mef, Inspectah Deck, Masta Killa, Street Life, and DJ Mathmatics are currently on the road on the 4:21 Tour. Dates are posted on Method Man's page, as well as on a blog on my page.

    Raekwon is finishing up work on the much anticipated "Only Built 4 Cuban Linx Part II" ....I know you all have been waiting, but Rae isn't taking this album lightly, and it will be released on Aftermath Records, not on the Wu Music Group as originally scheduled ...it will be a instant classic.
    Speaking of classics....the "CLASSICS" Only Built 4 Cuban Linx Part II T-shirts that I rock, and you have all been asking about....will SOON be available through Raekwon's MySpace page, along with a wide assortment of other T's and merchandise. He will be releasing a MySpace limited exclusive CD/DVD mixtape ( 1,000 copies available only through www.myspace.com/raekwon ), to whet your appetites till OBCL II hits stores

    To all of you producers that hit me up about beats and production...Rae is looking for FIRE TRACKS ONLY...

    Ice water Inc.
    P.O box 671733
    Marietta, GA 30006

    Ghostface called me the other night re: his MySpace page....I will now be the moderator for his page, and he will be getting on the page from time to time,when time allows him. I will be getting the page caught up for him as far as comments and friend requests. Ghost told me that as soon as he returns from his European tour, we will be redoing and updating his page and content.

    GZA and I spoke, he will soon be heavily involved in his page as well, and he will be doing some weekly writings for the page. I'm am the moderator of his page as well
    He is working on finishing his yet untitled project for Baby Grande Records, that will feature his son.

    Inspectah Deck has the "Resident Patient" CD out...go pick it up if you already haven't. He will be getting his website up and running with merchandise and more when he gets back from the tour.

    Masta Killa's "Made in Brooklyn" is out in stores...another got to have. He will be releasing the "Made in Brooklyn" T that I have been rocking , and other T's through his MySpace page and a possibly a website after the tour ends

    My man Body Rock has an exclusive unreleased ODB track posted on his page @
    Check this link: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm...ndid=112772847


    I am not currently on Mef's tour, I will be at select dates of the tour though.

    I will be letting you know of potential street team opportunities for the 4:21 Tour as soon as we get the details worked out with management.

    I want to give you all a shout out, things have been hectic for me the last few weeks, and with now trying to get Ghost's page caught up (over 10,000 friend requests pending ,etc) ..it may be a minute before I can get back to many of you.

    One, G


    y the fuck am i getting info from other sites and posting it here? let hustle mods

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