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Thread: Official Freestyle Thread

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    after all it was the system who to taught us how to properly kill

    Bang out the bangers bodacious spread out
    fists in your mists that glow in the darkness
    Gain on demands pay-pew-view the hit
    frankly speaking vibes reaching ante-up
    pistol whip the racist ducks in the black truck
    my chain cuts resemble king tut's
    the spill is worth the price of organs in church
    I'm insane as Big lurch on dust
    your brain on bust frame on crush
    Got the kush hang on dutch
    I'm the rain on rust your game on scuff
    paper flushed drug thugs detained then crushed
    float over hills hop over cliff's images stuffed
    stay cut against the buff slay a slut
    high-wires raise em up brave as fuck
    slave to what i never knew
    i owe myself internal revenue

    My evidence, my own testament, written on wood
    Twelve tribes layin at the head of corners in hoods
    Hell razah

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    i owe myself internal revenue

    Wish I had some better news better views I got the mo better blues set me loose introduce the booze I induce abuse with these decibels, consequentially, Iím my own enemy, my memory is killing me ill faded revisiting the darkest places embracing fallen faces only to see them in my imagination life is but a dream, poetic it seem nothings real, how deep this pain I feel, how will I heal, I guess I wont, broken, spoken like the ocean, swollen tsunami waves with drowning notions, choking spiting up the blood of my own families love how deep it runs sending & exhilarating rush like physically being crushed I combust with frustration blazing razing like a phoenix out the flames & cant make sense of these immense testaments that gets my heart palpitating punching holes in walls gripping the heat with no target at all but my own reflection contemplating exonerations from all these complications that Iím facing, choices we make them!

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    these complications that Iím facing, choices we make them![/QUOTE]

    The ghosts he called miraculous unseen by the backs of us
    spooked to run unclothed a lady screaming not to be touched
    another tough assignment a signed contract to lead the combat
    regiment ready marching steady weapons n' boots heavy nothing tucked
    All exposed tanks drove prisoners of war abducted and cuffed
    held captive jailed for a cause that they loved
    All who cooperate are released to family members kisses, and hugs
    bags are placed over heads it's water torture in tubs
    with hot water running stun guns stunning
    We bombed schools and civilians to us it's nothing
    but war protocol body parts flying when bombs hit them all
    babies died too i heard screams Allah they cried too
    treated them worse than wild animals mistreated in zoo's
    they got it bad plus thousands of our soldiers in body-bags
    half of my comrads either killed themselves or have gone mad
    shell-shocked living in hell shot some wheel-chair confined
    others locked up for war-crimes it's crazy our bosses say we need more time
    just to fatten their pockets were dying in the meantime
    but who cares if were on the front-lines scared
    can't sleep cause every night i have nightmares of bombs bursting in the air

    My evidence, my own testament, written on wood
    Twelve tribes layin at the head of corners in hoods
    Hell razah

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    i got two minutes .. os os i go ..... os i go un once a pawn a time .. i was but now rule reggae and tones.. reggae and tones para los preguntones.. me lavo... boston .....boston marcus u mas... u master ? no u mwo........m t o ..... m t o k........ m t o k........ miados taking over ....... m t o ... bye ..... sorry el cheque fuck sorry bye

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    it's the vicious speaking in liner lines iodine mind blind trying to play me like a blind man
    handle scans with pen and paper rip a rapier know my stable be more than kane and able/
    deadly ways open lanes bowl at 200 trying test my pins i put pins in emcees and watch them do what the rich voodoo says dead days unopen letter watch out you play with me/
    this monster mon-star teleport authoring a blaze got keifer when i sutherland hooping lay it in, dead all blockers pop rocking timidily rip emcees down to paper shreads/
    burn up a blzae know my ways flame on like the human torch
    off the porch chef up more pie trival lives get a nose dive/
    driven ides side fire wired off the tempest i am not cha apprentice
    any emcee trying see me is like going to the dentist for braces/
    you ain't writing sentence pretending your a wiseman like the sheep coming from persia
    know the Shriner temple binder wind up doll get cha gears grinded and broken down like a FORD/

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    twist your spine til your form's, lacking all kinds of support
    die by the sword, killa bee hordes riding the swarm
    quiet the storm, with subterfuge 'n silent scam
    controlling minds with the swipe of a pilot's hands
    disguised as lambs, but they'll kick you in private glands
    pushin knives thru your diaphram, flow like a hydrant ran
    over by riot vans, exploded, on tires flat...
    still coastin', passengers wigs peeled opened
    lost a kick runnin alleys with steel smokin
    we chasin' them meal tokens

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    Default added 4 more bars to my previous shit...

    Oh What the Fuck ? It's Unbelievable Epic, Faith No More
    Rapid than Eye Movement during Inception Losing My Religion
    Interceptin' ill thoughts with precision, The Planet of The Great mind's Risen
    Fillin' clips in, shittin' on writtens soft as kittens useless like Jordan-less Pippen
    Trigger more than happy to blast ya hand off body lift off like hand-tossed
    Sent off, darts squeezed & twisted like wet cloth-Reservoir colorful as flo-re-cent Dogs
    Yall too shitty to fuck with my catalog's too witty like Tarantino dialog
    Beheaded like Boarshead 'Scalp Dem' fucking carved out foreheads like pumpkins
    Sinks teeths in Deacon Frosted flake off head off soldiers shoulders shruggin'
    Blood gushin' Injecting Shrinks with Kevorkian Syringe pullin' Strings and Leggings
    Takes off from Kate Moss' waist soft check in Bate's Loft step in chase yall with revin Chainsaw

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    Many failed attempts from Satellites and Demons who want to control me
    They don't like the path i've chosen so they try to withold me
    from reaching the heavens, but you'd never believe this
    I see myself as significantly more important than Jesus
    and all these fools thinking we're gonna colonise other planets is lame
    you cant survive in their atmosphere, when you can't even drink tap water in Spain
    Cee-Lo thought he was a Transformer, but there's a storm coming!
    I'll zap your lights out so start running!
    they say i'm a Magus munching Fungii so what's my Fate?
    I'm like Subclassing, but your Sendkeys in the actions you create
    Ascension in 2012 won't really happen to that many
    I'm really poor but i can afford to give everyone who ascends 1 penny
    The government belive they are right in zapping me with satellites
    There's plenty of rapists out there dont bother me just cus i aint actin right
    you have a machine that causes bothersome synchronicities in my life
    and i notice them and pity you for wanting this fight
    imagine how much their technology costs, whats it worth?
    i'm iller than any robot you could birth
    this government has plenty of money, blind following goons and technology
    why do you want rid of me so bad? whats the point, don't bother me
    It's like i know somethings wrong and i can feel it
    I've evolved beyond yall, you robots just can't see it
    name one thing you can do better than i can do
    your nothing but a tool so fuck off back to B&Q

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    I found a way to piss off the illuminati
    this will piss off the government for monitoring me too closely
    the Lower Tier think they're doing it cus im violent and wont cower
    but the Upper Tier, they are worried about my growing strength and psychic powers
    they know everything i do... and analyse it
    to use against me, so motherfucker, fuck you
    they want me doped up and locked away or to commit suicide
    i cannot self terminate so i guess its you who's on the losing side
    they wouldnt hit me nor even push me
    in real life, last time i got taken away there was over 10 police officers there, pussy
    there's more God in me than any of you
    DMX begging for forgiveness is a fool
    after me your left with nothing
    you get smoked like the joint im puffing
    to get rid of me you need to do more than wish
    i'm the Second Coming of Christ, the wait is over, but take it as a diss

    this is too ill for these cats, 9th prince

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    To the governments,

    how many millions did you spend on this technology guys
    to build the technology to fuck with peoples heads using satellites up high
    how many years did it take you to do this?
    how many scientists did it take? man these guys is just stupid
    you think its right, me too, so keep up the bullshit
    now my trust with the government forever i'm clearly through with
    why did you learn how the human mind functions
    only to create devastating tools of mass destruction (that's evil)
    to the operators of the satellites who do indeed suck
    do you even know how the technology works?
    or do you just enjoy pushing a button saying its ace
    knowing it fucks up the thoughts in my head from your satellites in space
    your technology bounces through windows and walls
    targetting my mind using your technology so small
    you make my mind go upside down and inside out
    things its not meant to be doing, no doubt
    i took many drugs which all made my mind work better, i rhyme
    accessing higher vibrations, untapped psychic ability now on-line
    scientists obviously dont believe in higher beings or hell
    selling the government new weapons thinking everythings swell
    satellite operators blasting me in the head
    then going home to tell their wife how they were stopping the bad guys instead

    your going to hell

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    can you handle the mics this ain't hot potato flaw flow burn through ya jackets pick slip packets match wits with a beast from the depths of the east/
    roast e'm burnt crisp silent slayer game raider battle fader
    sloth layer card counter proxy rhymer fragment gambler/
    read cha manuvuers like hammer dancing in sequence pants
    you ain't damaging the manger of darts making my marks easily destroyed by the targets composed in flows frozen up by lakes makde awaken when you in frying pan sizzling like bacon trying not to break when you already have/

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    no one really expects the return of jesus
    they dont believe this, they think 'the world is perfect' why would we need the return of jesus
    rich people, poor people living inside a little bubble
    can't see past their own hands, get burried in rubble
    how come the illuminati have esoteric knowledge gathered from thousands of years ago
    but they can't understand the future the way time will flow
    i'm not jesus like the bible
    but i'm the second coming, that makes me something
    the first man who'll integrate with extraterrestrials
    ill seem meaningful to them with my interesting skills

    a government member pushes buttons and satellites zap my head (mein kopf)
    isnt it interesting people in the government get paid to merely piss me off
    he thinks he's better than me because he's apart of the 'team'
    but let me tell you something about the way it seems
    certain members of the government think about me round the clock
    want to find new ways to get me outlined in chalk
    but that don't matter, you've got all everything going for you
    so attack a sick man and get slammed this is why i'm flowing for you
    if i never came to change the direction of this planet
    you'd not survive another 1000 years without critical damage
    i had an out of body experience and spoke to powerful light beings
    your government leaders are controlled by illuminati so what kind of faggot visions are they seeing

    the earth was destroyed by the different elements several times
    i'm so powerful i destroy your motivation with a single rhyme
    so imagine what i can do once i reach my peak
    raekwon you think your some big dude cus you run a street?
    get knocked off yo feet for playing a part of the illuminati's game
    this game is fucking fun or am i just insane
    this aint life or death, i'm invincible, my strike is invisible
    some people think we're all connected, we're all one, not me i'm an individual
    my fate is to kill you

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    i start my day with a shake fulla sedatives
    but desire for living was dead as is
    basement safes are my bank cuz my credit's shit
    sometimes im thrown into manic depressant fits
    forced to chill while im strapped to the bed in piss
    fed some scripts, put my thoughts in suspended lift
    thinkin' ways to cop brains from beheaded chicks
    milk carton faces to wet up my Kix
    socks 'n ribbons,..
    Slashed up like they rockin gibsons
    bitches slang fast fucks with no pots to piss in
    cuz they're pay's bagged up 'n them rocks is fizzin
    chopped 'n driven to spots where them cops is kickin
    with binoculars hot on the drop to witness
    plus a drone gettin flown over-top assistin'
    as computers manuevered the watch from distance
    sewage systems got used in these hot conditions
    for seclusion of movement from swat's persistant
    stalkin' troops watchin you from the hawk position
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    wisdoms brung, nothin but pain i wish was done
    serrated taste 'n vicious tongue, malicious pun
    feast on delicious cunts with rza fronts...
    spit the blood, bandage 'n stitch the slut
    fist her muff, hasnt been dissed enough
    games gully, i gives a fuck! ...dont judge me
    cuz id rather you hate me than say im lovely
    im disgusting inside AND my face is ugly
    aint no winny the pooh but ill take your honey
    see that puss gettin chewed like the leg of dundee
    razors lunging, with blades in my change of undies
    just incase i cant make my escape by running
    i can slice at the face of invaders coming
    i think the same way as bundy

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    as the conductor corrupts strings, my blunt breathes
    train iron lungs to be rusted kings in a dunce regime,
    come with me if you want to bleed
    your front teeth can be the source of bloody streets
    die on booted feet,
    in future countries the currency will be guns and weed
    sink iron wings in the deepest seas,
    burn leaves to contest a disturbed beast,
    coerced into thinking I borned stormy seas,
    I am the force that forms what you perceive...
    weep for lost babylon,
    the bleeding god, the forgotten sheep slaughtered in a forest of evil fog
    bordered by a sea of faults,
    fleeing mobs turn to see the holocaust and become kings and queens of salt
    screaming shots, police and chalk,
    wingless fallen demons walking among us as people...


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