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Thread: Official Freestyle Thread

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    Nope nada you ain’t messing with sheep
    Leave it the beat in the deep end
    Render you badly like cgi
    Emcees can’t see me now
    Rip thru the galaxy
    Making me your majesty’s fiend
    Act like you know
    Get broke taken tokes off
    Take time off
    Now I’m back like a waldolf
    Making your world get thrown off your axis
    Patch your game making no names
    Taking out blames and crittics say
    I fell off so I bring it back

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    I too see dead people like Logan Paul, families bawl after beast mauls
    Pitbull fight to death when I settle scores like Lauryn, Pras and Wyclef[/QUOTE]


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    I was born a raptor rap master of ceremonies
    Gat tore through homies so much flesh chunks lost exposed his bony skeleton blood jiggly as gelatine scold your men with water boarding never snitch enforcements killed by reinforcements of greater value than you foul dudes leave you leaking faucet of doom
    Sonic boom deady fumes travel from lagoon

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    Drinking fluids in this desert storm opposing apostles warned space born on earth to settle shadow leveled I follow god and walk with the devil no dancing dime romancing
    Fight wild style like Manson no Marilyn
    Your deader than Monroe when da gun blow
    Bitches suck behold the load sicker than incest in stocks we invest tropic heater under the Gucci vest shootouts over dead Grant's
    This ain't no thug rant for the second year like Alabama Mantra undisputed national champ
    Drop science bitches dance as the bass blows the amps

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    My verbal play-by-play is Keith Jackson legendary, whoa Nellie
    Written or spoken sharp bars in temple of darts will nick Saban
    There’ll be crimson tide after I sever arteries of botched surgeries
    Blood vessels stretched like gargantuan wounds from AR-15 rifles
    Jalen hurts after I sacked nimble quarterback after a shotgun snap
    Spittin’ Tagovailoa causes big dogs to choke like Georgia in Atlanta
    Culprit of Hawaii missile launches, Ray Lewis raven with H5N1 virus
    Rodan with avian flu, blood test verified chemical weapons residue
    I’m a killer like John Wilkes in a booth, slugs thru POTUS’ bulletproof
    Wes Unseld size bullets pierce Paul’s flesh till he admits I’m the truth
    Igor rhymes, Salma Hayek said I was a monster like Harvey Weinstein
    Pupils of Lon Chaney, Matthew McConaughey said I was a wild turkey
    Existence been lived ruthlessly like Bonnie & Clyde two-year crime spree
    Psyche is inspired by rage, pen bleeds when I stab my rhyme book page
    I heave grammar grenades, renegade tirades annihilate like sunrise raids
    Abominable attitude will always be as nasty as Caitlyn Jenner in the nude

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    I got a question serious as a cancer
    Somebody better answer
    Who mess with this ripper
    Slash spit kick flow rip
    slice thru ya bone and tendon
    Verbally kinetic telepathic predictions
    Kick the non fiction fiction
    Keep friction going
    I’m all news worthy
    While you trolls be yelling
    Spout fake news make cues
    Make you lose defuse
    I’m a muse to any accused
    Fools errand
    Get you baron corbin
    Or get you joe buddened
    Don’t even know my referrals
    I’m sick in world, sick of the world
    The world is mine y’all Best back up
    Like a Mack truck you know what’s sup

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    Simmer the winner with a flame lion rip the frame abundant pain murder rituals in rain
    Stunning as diamonds narrow walk for body findings already marked strong as lebron
    Blocks the bomb drops explosions calm cops got the blade what opps want a chop
    I'm hostile you better hop like rabbits and hares throw u down stairs for stares
    A remedies rare never again come round here
    Hit em severe like tip of spear or mauled by bear I've been in here horrendous tear blood floods the ducts cut flesh in the sun in the fridge cold cuts masked like a Bruin's game and I don't give a puck
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