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Thread: Official Freestyle Thread

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    Insidious mental of ancient evil, psycho pharmaceuticals
    Head’s brain trust unhinged like Kanye West off his meds
    In temple of darts with intention to raider Noah’s lost ark
    It’s about to get extremely ugly like Cardi B make-up free
    Noxious serum of cobra’s salivary glands how I spit venom
    Bloodlust heathen possessed by Regan’s diabolical demon
    Deemed the son of Lucifer after I hung my third babysitter
    Psychological thriller of a bloodthirsty killer, jack the ripper
    Killin’ gene of guillotine, Ted Bundy plasma in bloodstream
    Militant mind state never penitent, cartel crimes imminent
    Mexican mutineer soldier with AR-15 strapped to shoulder
    Epileptic gun holder, Thor marvel in infinity war of Avengers
    Furious martyr fervor, burners cook beef like flipped burgers
    Doomsday array of dismay, 12-gauge shotgun spray in Blu-ray
    Donnie Brasco shoot to kill like Lefty in 79 Cadillac Coupe DeVille
    Wiseguy worded discourses, only thing left is to mutilate corpses

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    Step to this Mexican if you want your Canelo beef tainted
    States of hell reincarnated, arctic eyes cold and calculated
    Gunpowder season, first the bullets then ambulance sirens
    Doc Kevorkian as lead surgeon could not suture lacerations
    Climate chaos, it’s a cold war so I spit flames to raise Celsius
    I go off deep end like Titanic mechanics, hip-hop apocalypse
    RZA called it a tragedy how I bring calamities to frail emcees
    Lyrical prodigy here to cause havoc like Hawaii volcanic lava
    I’m hit squad Alejandro Sosa sent to slaughter Tony Montana
    Ankle breaker like Uncle Drew at Rucker, impetus to coroners
    Criminal mind devoted to reprisals, homicidal urges never idle
    Genocide General, bedlam bloody as piranha menstrual cycles
    Heavy metal rebel takes it to fatal level, verbal murder material
    Nine millimeter spitter, boa constrictor fingers strangled triggers
    Norman Bates rests in peace at graveyard after psycho unit bars
    Grisly pen stroke, coke rhymes potent like lethal lines I just wrote

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baby Face Nelson View Post
    ultimately ma timely tongue lashin on beats means i dont feel the shit thats taxin u be catch fashion on beat lashin it deep like jeeeurr seet seet
    mad respect shown like kissin of feet i miss em my g...let me free and let me be see im D...hit home n zone to janet jackson nasheeds...jeez the pain flees n im back to the
    same me quite a journey shit used to burn me how the f did end up near gurnsey...yo D's nearly thirty man twice ma age rock this very surname on jerseys
    nuff retorts of course dudes movin off course that extra eff to the chick of ya dreams..quadruple teamin self esteems ya baby sshoot brute. son u don't own a coop frontin . frontin without a backbone ya Mrs or her attitude will stay vicious. doobies but no loose leafs nine months on Wednesday mute the truth how could how can u..lounging in backbackground I'm a mack with the soundclouds. jack frost with the boot sole chop from out the boxxx...watt watt watt

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