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Thread: Official Freestyle Thread

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    Tight writer, knight rider
    Kamen riders
    Write bars on computers
    And type writers
    Fight ciphers
    Got heat bubbling like Vegas
    My flows be focused
    Swarm it like a locus
    Laser eyes superman focused
    Posted through the nostrils
    Drop hostile
    Mop you up
    Putting in the grind
    I’m not just a apostille
    I’m a missile about to go off
    Throw off
    Get thrown off
    Thoughts go off
    Puff minds coming off dragons
    Taking out these rappers
    Like fads and bandwagons
    I don’t track meet
    I rip elite down to lunch meat
    Grind you to dust
    Eat cha organs
    My axe been swinging
    Coming back to the apex
    swinging in
    like spider-man

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    Sheepishly deep dish fix the matches
    Script it like wrestling
    Got these holds
    Tight as an octopus
    mama mia
    Flows get ready blown backs out
    Smoking chronic down to the roach clip
    Call me the nicest
    Spit twice over
    For the rice being thrown
    Laced with nitro
    The spit I rip be torches
    Rosewood you to porches
    I remain fortunate
    Coming on these counters
    Like roaches approaches
    Leave you on the dancefloor
    Leave at the those alters
    You tossing glory
    Around the forces for
    Don’t care my declaration
    Be independence
    But where’s the 14th amendment
    Its just another sentence
    where is the presence?
    Drop it in these stanzas
    Coming with these tv programmers
    Mind control theory
    Y’all don’t hear me
    Y’all acting woke
    When you ain’t even awake
    Staying dumb, deaf and blind
    And you still can’t bust a rhyme

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    I bust a rhyme like Flipmode Squad, all roughshod when I maraud
    Rhyme animal, lyrical criminal with pupils of contaminated jackals
    I’ll rob Kardashian to trigger Chyna drama, force-fed acute trauma
    Lyle Alzado maniac on ceaseless attacks like ravenous hyena packs
    Show me tightest lyricist and see me hang like Chester Bennington
    Verses murderous as Bishop, deadly juice released like OJ Simpson
    Christopher Darden would tell you to hide all women and children
    Charles Manson ill psyche is reason my mind will never get paroled
    They say I’m a lot like ISIS because I’m against humanity as a whole
    Malevolent militant with icy detachment in ominous environments
    Vile use of extrajudicial forces, get in these pussies like intercourses
    Torturous execution processes, plasma splashes from body sketches
    Bloodthirsty impulses, only thing left is horrendous trails of corpses
    Makeshift autopsies, sadistically violations of human rights’ treaties
    Beastly death penalties imposed arbitrarily, purified fire in purgatory
    Innocuous synchronization, exonerations ended by lethal injections

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    every sci-fi film tries to do star wars
    better than star wars does star wars
    so don’t start wars like star wars
    spark doors, spark flames
    making lames get doused
    my flows be arousing
    get it together
    Rhonda Rousey
    I’m around the globe
    See the throne
    From a far
    Throw a dart
    leave your tips here
    I don’t speak through it
    I speak about it
    So don’t doubt it
    Clown it Chromecast
    Flow past mole mask
    Shown those tasks
    Flacid when I pass it
    Around claps the clowns
    Mack these towns
    Pop those thorn’s
    PC the Master Race
    Play your stations
    See how direct x got its name
    I box out lames in the third frame
    I got acts more tracks
    Than throwbacks
    I’m not from jersey
    But I rock Mets jerseys though

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