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Thread: Official Freestyle Thread

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    Are U aware I ban @ will? MASTER PAI MEI's Avatar
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    layin bloody on boards split
    from the shrapnel of four clips
    As the hordes sniff, rip, bite, and claw,
    moe szyslak is here til they fall,
    serving beers as they yawn and eventually crawl,
    out of my tavern its curtains for all,
    certain to stall their rise I summize,
    too stupid to think beyond the gloomy skies,
    get ya head up and rise before you all die...

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    big wooly mammoth SKAMPOE's Avatar
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    i reply with an unfulfilled sigh
    like the actor of the scene of the crime one time 4
    ur wondering eye
    2 slices when im carvin the pie
    thats 7 on they way to heaven
    now theres 14 grams left of that Buddha bless wont stress
    untill ya get found in the first 48

    lmao thats math


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    aka The Chaotica SHEEPISH LORD OF CHAOS's Avatar
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    slam shut the coffin, slit cha mind apart open arcs
    eye of the beholder given monks who think they're drunk off rum
    dog that was coffee shit stains off the memebrane soaked in ya decaff/
    flows are blood baths sideways math trying attomically drop bombs specially mocked
    when beats aren't even sharp enough for a flow to touch off the hook, like napalm i am armed/

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    From the abyss I Rose in metaphors and prose
    Forgot my name? It echoes in the streets I choose
    The silent monk gave me spiritual lessons
    With edge and reason my age became the fusion
    Consumed by wisdom knowledge became reason
    Lost and never found they wilt and howl as the hound
    Babies of Babylon we exist in the most purest form
    touched by evil untainted our robs will never be worn
    bibilical sriptures encrypted with three 6's
    time to call God his number not listed
    don get it twisted i bring forth a critical vision
    to cast fear and yeild man is the devil's mission
    besides the lord i fought to defend the lords FORT..

    ..............Jahny Jigler

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    touched by evil untainted our robs will never be worn[

    cycles of life souls torn you can be re-born
    rose my standards higher unopened the door to my mental dorm
    worry-free seen as an enigma to enemies
    to chastise and happily move on boundaries
    bound by hands that show the hard work of a man
    considered a flight risk they snatched my floppy disk
    check next to my name i refuse to be an experiment
    but we all are to food to what we watch
    i move on feeling not thinking circle the block
    rap spit on my watch time to to get on top
    women want o ride but can't handle the shots
    Call me a king no relation to Rodney i can handle the cops

    My evidence, my own testament, written on wood
    Twelve tribes layin at the head of corners in hoods
    Hell razah

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    aka The Chaotica SHEEPISH LORD OF CHAOS's Avatar
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    never sorted stunned quarter down to water optic takes open breaks
    blink for the ink, dragons drink with squids in the back asking for wraps/
    mastering rapidly gluing minds back with snubnose flows
    open door body blows UFC rulings know how i am doing/
    think ya changing me back from the OHM know i'm a Sheep Lord shadow priest/
    NY dogged bones beast off the leash unleash slice you into bimbos like kimbo
    mental freaking out why you doubting those melatonin tablets in ya mouth/
    shinning malific open casket bastard draft back think your packs are picks from wack raps you cut and pasted wasted out 40 minutes of trying my patience/

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    aka The Chaotica SHEEPISH LORD OF CHAOS's Avatar
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    morning time, late day fated ways bring pain making ides looking odds bring products armed logic leaving those looking cottage cheese all rotted out doubted clout given any reasonable doubt/
    crowned conner armed learn burner in my jack put fire in ya pack
    baseball bat whack hippolita know how i astrologic ya/
    zombie to any fiends know how mean
    and green those mecha machine henchmen can be/
    seen through the comical artisan in how bipartian i can be with leverage autourage killah is back making minds react without a seatbelt they get slammed shut on the breaks watch them front/

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    Default this is the new one

    poor monkeys in cages being zapped by beams
    the government testing on animals it seems
    they wanna test out they technological abominations
    before they unleash they satellites on the general population
    how many monkeys had to die befor they got the codes right
    for they satellites? Yo toast blast this mic
    if god really made these animals he's gonna be mighty pissed
    and now he's ready for war, yo thats why your getting dissed
    the minds codes being overridden
    you probably even tested this technology on little defenseless kittens
    you sicken me i know your taking my mind for a joy ride
    but fucking with me you driving your own self to suicide
    no one knows what to believe in no more
    thats why you invented new technology to take control
    of the human mind and import into it your own settings
    i kill these devils in a split second, i reckon
    Last edited by Big Baby Jesus 666; 04-20-2012 at 08:27 AM.

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    Kimbo slice one punch knock em out twice
    It's a blood sport Van Dam Michael jai White
    Sacrificed thrice dead on the floor three blind mice
    We'res the ice one shot scare em slide up in yo wife
    The kids are watching while I dick tape the females even the maid get it
    Real nightmares take over yo life cash nah that's nothing it's petty
    All I need are the diamonds and rubies here pop the blue pill
    That'll will wake you up revenge is a two corse meal
    First ima make u suffer show u the tape I made sticking it to yo mother
    She was loving it too doggy did her soundtrack motherless child by Wu
    Think it thru millions you have ain't worth shit yo face turning blue
    Wipe the mucus of yo nose punk bleach in yo eye shaolin Suuuuuuu
    That's how we get down Stapleton for the crown
    Thank you for the diamonds rubies and am takin the maid she tight
    Oh by the way there's a bomb in the microwave boom out o sight

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    ayo i beat canibus in the quest
    to find a phrase pronouncing all 5 vowel to impress
    captain cold crush... nice melatonin magik nice
    but i'm bumping tha 'infamous mobb deep' tonight, nigga
    ayo ayo
    i'm starting to believe my ipod and pc are living entities
    i communicate using my pineal gland my life and my destiny
    i'm in sync with electronic devices
    my life line splices the lifeless with the niceness
    ayo canibus might have intelligence but how much of it is higher
    you might as well say my style is more liver
    this nerd thinks hes intelligent by knowing pi to 50 places
    you read books, write notes and spit them in shitty places (wack venues)

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    I'm a copy cat, i byte my owner
    i'm a sloppy cat, i swipe my boner
    Chaotic undertones and flows that blow ya
    ass out the frame, and leave you on a loner
    I'm in a zone and i roam like a soldier
    Spitting out poems from my throne that'll mold ya
    Ass into gear, put the fear in you peasants
    Rhyme style is rugged, this shit is never pleasant

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    tha agent of sickness Eversick666's Avatar
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    Big baby jesus i can't wait...nigga FUCK THAT...

    "We discourteous creatures, features of repetitive
    feaster's,that pray on the opposite optical of logical people"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eversick666 View Post
    Big baby jesus i can't wait...nigga FUCK THAT...
    fuck off you little prick

    you hid-those-inner-truths big-nose-nigga-poof
    krs one, you're strange-as-hell-dun
    this nigga raekwon sounds like a rapist when beatboxing
    no vocal chord mastery, nigga keeps coughing

    this fagggot eminem brings another worthless child onto the planet
    this wigga got no rhythm, in a beatbox battle i do damage
    your an ugly fuckling with a mongol voice
    you and bieber are teh #1 role models for white boyz

    ill crush your puny american frame
    out the game your worthless and on the whole infact your a little strange
    your extistance is pitiful Em, listen as i drop another gem
    you want to fuck with me do it in person, theres robot tank, but im the schizo version

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    aka The Chaotica SHEEPISH LORD OF CHAOS's Avatar
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    Murk minds dirt grind, what cha think i'm a just bump and drive
    spit it live as a wire sparking off, gone nuclear/
    dart arc mind diving “johnny mnemonic”
    armed psychotic trying polish/
    armed hypnotic primed ready in mine
    know why cuz you can google that/
    spit rugers to that foolish fap, hell flow and brimstone print up links
    thinks ya inked in stone, fuck a phone clone I’m going back to metronome/
    etch a flow backwards recite the spit verses quick quips never tripped off
    gunner solo stunner cold crushing
    make you sucker emcees think
    before you link that to ya twitter/
    socialize vocalize mine batter up deaded everything with a leaded pen
    knock ya outta the stratosphere, past cha oxidating atmosphere/

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    am i
    schizophrenic or am i experiencing a shamanic initiation thats real
    why does it feel that psychiatrists just dont know the deal
    schizophrenia is a label for forms of behaviour they don't understand
    indigenous peoples know im half here and half in spirit land
    i imagine my left and right brain hemispheres as two turntables that play
    except i'm a beatboxer so i've got no limitations that way
    Infinite potential got more hip to my hop than a frog
    "will space probes (satellites) in the next century discover Extraterrestrial (Billy) Analogue"
    after 2012 the world will be more dream-like
    you might see me flying through the air with ET on a green bike
    I'm coming around to do long-term damage
    My fist and foot will leave Strong-men Sandwiched
    you can plot or connive if you want to see me free-fall
    you'll never reach the top like a fat kid on a see saw
    wu tang,
    big bad ahmed saws off your leg and i gnaw at the stump
    i'm like a Speedboat pulled up to the Titanic the way i make your 'crew jump'

    The Shaman's view of Schizophrenia

    Too ill for yall

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