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Thread: Official Freestyle Thread

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    It's a conspiracy, my feelings free, styles got feds watching me..
    Star in ya galxacy, correctly alligned, my minds photography..
    Lyrically uncut like pornography, see the smoke i'm bombing streets..
    opposite of meek, i'm sleek, like a skunk my style reeks of odor..
    Secret service message decoder, money owers i fold ya for clousure..
    Framed soldier, well documented, demented battle blower..
    show ya training in trenches deep, J.T.S. strengthens the weak..
    Awaken the sleep sheep the devils enslave at pastures,
    they little bo peeps..
    And to all you digusting swine merchants you are what you eat..
    If i face defeat my last breaths after that..
    But first ring the alarm, on the swarm melting plastic cats..
    My wordplay ignited, is hazardous to the habitat..
    Pumping my fist panther style, in ya aisles bagging scraps..
    Hell is where i rest at, my blocks like Iraq..
    Strapped insurgencies heard of me, hurdling other darts..
    My gleams so extreme my frame glows in the dark..
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    My evidence, my own testament, written on wood
    Twelve tribes layin at the head of corners in hoods
    Hell razah

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    big ups to the skirts wit d cups, press up on'em wit reality, honesty dat be murks
    d mecca reppin', black tees and black chucks, jumpin' off the dexter bus, ipod clutched
    blunts in brown tubes, watch me like youtube, clean ya clock like tony shalhoub,
    you cant touch me, american dreams hit the roads like dusty, im fucking over rap,
    its the neighborhood hussy
    spot check on the set, no love for me, hate in the eyes of some so called homies
    you know where you can stick that bull shit back hand compliment
    im still broke, still hungry
    January flow, come off ice cold, hoe ass niggaz thinkin' they from off the grove
    like cj and ryder, deceit weave webs like 89 spiders, break'em like molds, call me lair
    study these mcs, learn how they jam, know all your similes like the back of my hand
    finish ya sentence before you can even have the chance, my verbs rain down like a indian danced
    the unknown, get ya head flown like a cessna
    chill in a mahogany coffin, best ta rest up
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    "abashed the devil stood and felt how awful goodness is"

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    I’m known to spit flows
    Throwing my logic outta the gate/
    Faze ya through ya organs
    Like we’re obtaining more restate
    Play ya intestines like guitar strings/
    Ink pen regimes armed marines
    Known dynasties raps besides me/
    Persuade others to follow me
    Like zombies and bomb over beats/
    Take over street corners regimes
    We’re a population click ready to snip the cord
    And put the government in a vise grip/
    From my windpipes my flow blows endo smoke
    From there who knows were it’s gonna go/

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    amazin blazin, phase in place ihaling
    containing the lost secrets of fifty ages
    sifting rages for the essence n then erase it
    scientifics stages accend, in mind and pages
    sumblime contagious, my words incur then spur
    like high-powered lasers, barbaric rapers
    many crime capers, many nines blew on tha haters
    i chewed on their crew like armoured equipped geisha
    Bank heist in Kathmandu, it was a slaughter
    The day Buddha was born it rained tea instead of water

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    Anger in the nation raging as were close to revolution
    Atomic bomb solution, the new earth is an illusion
    time is ill were losing, while these pussy dudes sing
    About guns when these bums couldn't bust a nut in a queen
    I'm the fresh air in spring, the heat in summer, the frost in winter
    Beatup these great prentenders with skills, and knowledge like splinter
    shreddar verbal, rocksteady wordplay, be-bop ninja
    Give ya face a Micheal Jackson operation, my human nature to end ya
    I might befriend ya in another life, show love with a gun, or knife
    Second coming got emcee's running for fronting
    Call these emcee's mute duke, cause they ain't saying nothing
    In beef, or thumping ya face will look like a Halloween pumpkin
    i start carving, bloody the sound garden, canibal starving
    Deep like Cambodians, this reaper flow grim, give scars to ya squadron
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    My evidence, my own testament, written on wood
    Twelve tribes layin at the head of corners in hoods
    Hell razah

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    scars departing
    so the squadron's heartless
    full of bombs deployed to targets
    so climb over , fallen on hinds , soldiers
    not autumn defined , cos the tree's still standing
    yet unknown thieves replant it , breathe , an mc's needs granted
    now what part of me , am i supposed to represent
    arguably , the closest to the fence
    war over there , still hoping it will end

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    the tornado is spinning with the wind
    embrace nature before destruction begins
    i'll win, when we weed out the sin
    replace it with the face of the race of kin
    with a lined up festival, easily amused
    approaching correctly with correct attitudes
    relay the rude, destroy the definite
    establish secrets with metaphors representin it

    THAT was unexpected
    i'm fucking baked
    my memory's recollected
    and i'm remembering dates
    oh i was supposed to take her out to dinner
    no pussy tonight
    (later on i'll win her)

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigben View Post
    Getting richer and richer as they mock us with pictures,
    7 deadly sin mixtures flashed media blisters,
    Follow the leader hollow patriotic believerís,
    Were all slaves working and they say this is freedom,
    When some have rightsÖ they treat others like demons,
    And if ya lose ya jobÖ youíre homeless heathen,
    stop paying taxesÖ & Feds will come creeping,
    And show you the meaning of a government slave,
    Locked down desensitized with an abundance of rage,
    Mocked by otherís trapped staged in the same cage,
    Was once part of a family now ya name has been changed,
    Barcodeís tracking, Social Security, a numberís your name,
    Concrete cages, mass production factories, the governmentsí way,
    Since they have a large population stuck put away,
    They make a lot of money but thatís not portrayed,
    While the average family earns less then the minimum wage,
    Powering these conglomerates as were pushed astray,
    Mentally dying damaged worn out and frayed,
    Living in the danger zone like inhaling Krylon when sprayed,
    As Congress makes profits this info isnít grey,
    But the media blurs these lines each and everydayÖ.
    whew Ben spitting fiyah!!

    My evidence, my own testament, written on wood
    Twelve tribes layin at the head of corners in hoods
    Hell razah

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    It’s the Blastmatic automatic spitting lyrical gestures
    Making stresses on analytical sentences/
    Making no mention of emcees or their residence
    Showing the world I got presence/
    My essence isn’t defined by a quote in a magazine or a sentence
    It’s the effortless content presenting relentless cornerstones/
    Barley baileys rap these emcees in the fear n torment
    Expensive weaponry exhume the flow showing a pulse/
    My rhymes hold a host of flows frozen blow more smokes then
    Dope the harness furnish spit nutrition all debated wisdom/
    Blatant beats awaken sleep deep memory repressed for centuries
    Emcees try and battle me and get baffled on the strikes I tackled/
    Firm grip seen tech in shackles attack foes wit transforming weaponry
    Like Megatron into a firearm coming so deadly but calm, yall know we on/

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    Default 1st lick on here

    'Heres just a lil lyric i was messing about with while i had Masta Killah's 'back to school' intro beat in my head...i look forward to putting some more up'

    I start to spit forth, then backtrack the rap,
    My mind contracts infectious verses, now give me the silver plaque,
    I enforce the verse like a gravitational force,
    That appears when you change the main source,
    Straight back to the point score,
    Call Me the chameleon, I drop from the ceiling,
    My style is so different, it almost seems unappealing,
    The way that I slack, My mouth seems wack,
    You get freaked out like an anxiety attack,
    My epiphany is this,
    I en-cite bliss over the oceanic abyss from which you fall,
    Your crew is fighting like they're in the city of nepal,
    I spin you round like a roulette ball, brawl, call, maul, scrawl, an enthrawl,
    Here comes the curtain call, now digest,
    Blessed is the higher man, self professed, your second best,
    Stand up straight for the test son,
    You score high but i score higher than i desire,
    I acquire the rights to require the neutralization fire,
    I pop up like kid glove and drop these bombs,
    Like sheepish lord of chaos,all from above.
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    With one less spoken word to utter, comes the gremlin from the gutter
    Only weapons a rusty screwdriver and a box-cutter
    so the pigs know i'm not the one who shot brothers
    when i appeared it became a hot summer
    Handing snoozers coffee so they can stop slumber
    With two broken hands i chop lumber

    My evidence, my own testament, written on wood
    Twelve tribes layin at the head of corners in hoods
    Hell razah

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    I'm liking the last verse J.T.S

    heres a fast verse just before my girl gets me off this computer..

    'J.T.S spits the truth, like a suicide bomber in a new york phone booth,
    He hits those lyrics like a new age babe ruth,
    Cram in the plan, as I slam the mic just like a battering ram,
    Call me the doctor, I watch night hawks like a police spotter
    I impede on your turf like a city street squatter
    Then i roll over verse's like curse's, for which you wish you'd never seen
    In between my obscene routine, eat fine cuisine
    The unseen never watch, like scotch, i burn your throat like a bright torch
    Peace out, grab crotch, distraught mind thoughts'

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    I am not neutral, i'm negative, and unstable
    Radioactive atom wit eve, my arm sleaves is gun halos
    Its time for the bus to be here and pick up the slackers
    That's play'in backwards like receivers smack'in line backers
    I shake up the normal like a scientific break through
    Beat'in base's of targets, its too much acts to clap to
    I give suicidal thoughts, i'll have u wish'in for rain
    Copper jacket lead clouds burst wit intentions of pain
    One on one is insane, can't nobody touch the sun
    Don's, kingpins, and hitmen will all get crushed for fun
    Whoever told any that this one was for test'in
    Passed the cresent,
    But the new moon was his last of lessons
    Mr.hashish don't fuck around wit the weeds
    Speak after me? how you sound nigga please
    He has to be recover'in from some rare tragedy cuz
    You sniff'in the bars that'll easily tear cassidy up
    The dealer of hope is selling me lies
    Reasons to live are reasons to die, in disguise
    This life was never mine, the rivers never ran
    Cross your arms, its too late for helping hands
    Spit your pity elsewhere, there's no sympathy needed
    For one who's never alive, for one who's never completed (Bigot Hitman)

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    i may have written some the wackess shit you ever glazed at
    thinking what the fuck was he thinking to make him say that
    every verse a train wreck of human language
    a crack baby maybe with way to much time for wasting
    the stuff he says is weaker than tea from reused bags
    people come here to think not to read some half assed
    bids to come off weird for weird sake
    great minds think a like and hes fucking mindless for christ sakes
    i hate him ever so much, i wanna punch him in the face
    but im better than that, but wait, maybe i aint
    i just cant take another rambling non sequitur
    peppered with pop culture references like that makes it better
    im like bullet tooth tony, whatever you phony
    you aint shit like your text, even your name is faulty
    murkoutz i have doubts you ever killed
    more than likely it was a forty oz used to drown brain cells
    holy hell, my mask fell off and now you all can tell
    as much as strangers judge me, i judge myself
    quitest as kept, i envy yall whove builded a rep
    that takes cojones, and my own just havent dropped yet
    ill admit to sparks of genius thats like whats in loch ness
    some might claim to have witnessed but the rest havent saw shit
    i tell you this, not matter what kinda flack i get
    my soul come attached to my spits, bits if not all of it
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    "abashed the devil stood and felt how awful goodness is"

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    Cool just a lil verse

    I drop off into a tangent, line of descent
    Words blend together and fuse like cement
    To a greater extent I cause port traumatic stress
    Then i begin to blast through doors like a natural event
    I'm like contortion,consider proportion
    Niggaz feel distorion, and make em take an abortion
    Rhymes freeze up the cords,all across the boards
    Swords fly faster than wu-tang chords...peace

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