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Thread: Official Freestyle Thread

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    self destruction is the path for them type of motha fuckas
    you keep coming with the wrath til u cause my brother to suffer
    then youll reach the point of no return so let the hollow points burn
    trying to scrape off from what we earn and get inside out turned
    from the impact of the Kalashnikov as we blastin off like rockets
    remove limbs from sockets then we empty wallets from pockets
    kick your teeth out and erase your identity, thats the remedy
    for the hater disease thats contagious to those who aint friends of me

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    walked out the door looked on the floor and saw the shells laying
    Night before niggas was running petrified someone was John blazing
    was it the kids in the hall that didn't duck down?
    someone brought the ruck over a rock flipped across town
    shouldv'e seen the aftermath of the body from the magnum force
    operation lockdown when the snitches revealed the source
    of the original gun clappers block stars like Starang
    wondah where the top dogs where at when the shots rang
    still half the hardheads didn't learn they lessson
    and three more cats got sparked with a smif n' wessun
    one survived and the bullet fucked up food he was digesting
    Seen dru testing buck-shots soon to be in the cops possession
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    My evidence, my own testament, written on wood
    Twelve tribes layin at the head of corners in hoods
    Hell razah

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    in this Boot Camp u fat bastards gon get beaten while u sleepin
    light bitches up like Divali lanterns while im creepin so quit peepin
    eliminate witnesses with the quickness of the Flash yeah u know it
    put bloody bullet holes in your white sheet cover when i blow it
    whether or not my flow is fallin off, regardless i still get paid
    take your hoes and pop em off while u play like u get laid
    take your loot and haul it off leave your body in the shade
    come with a shotty and a blade, u fuck wit a man thats made

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    lives come and go in this endless to flames ya'll engulfed in
    paper spent half on the pool to hold bottle-nose dolphins
    backed by a brigade that shatters windows sharp-pens
    on water walkin' winds calm as i'm sparking
    mary Jane the wordsmith that married slang
    deserted deserts flooded with heavy rain

    My evidence, my own testament, written on wood
    Twelve tribes layin at the head of corners in hoods
    Hell razah

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    flood the terrain when i descend on a whim my reign
    claim the spot on top of whatever you drop
    carbon cop and get knocked rocked out of the block
    see i'm mean with the rhetoric speak to nations like the President
    hell's resident but heaven scent so my word is never hesitant
    golden bangles bo jangles walkin' like an Egyptian calculating angles
    thoughts i strangle until i leave ya unconscious lost desperately hangin' in a dangle
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    "Fuck fame... I'll shoot a hole in a 50 cent piece to test my aim." - Masta Killah (One Blood)

    "Kiss the pyramid...experiment wit high explosives. I slap box wit Jesus....lick shots at Joseph." - GFK (Daytona 500)

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    silent archer violent marcher the scarcest scar-face scorcher
    move like maxmius maximized treachery of the treacherous torcher
    skull painted black hidden in the trunk of the hatchback
    open it without permission pay 4 the payback
    day phenom spray the song on wax
    see the sparks flying from the plug when i touch that
    hell high-way operation variation tracks
    stack stretcher bitches bang em in packs
    hot facts sizzle we urinate on these acts
    no obligation lab stationed with headphones in no fly zones
    book of fury on the coffee table protected stable stones
    silver chrome silver slugs for midnight to slay werewolf thugs
    you can't bare the bear hug you go down staring up
    tore from war sores another poor poverty Thor
    Conan sword swinging non-barbaric pirate with a parrot
    one eye right eye covered hands flooded with rocks, and carrots
    spooky spits constipated to dookie drop loads of shit on flocks
    rookie cops buying my weed crops we set-up the shops
    From apartments to sky-scrapers vapor catchers want my blue-tops
    reaction cracking the corner crack sellers know found in cellars
    bury those bitches off exit ditches on good Friday
    peel off the high-way my way every day's a lye day

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    My evidence, my own testament, written on wood
    Twelve tribes layin at the head of corners in hoods
    Hell razah

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    nigga dont speak son, you nuttin but weak mayne
    you'd have to jerk off a Police Man to take the Law into Yo Own Handz

    yo mayne (spit it g)

    Ya aint bustin Back cus ya Raps an illusion
    Ya gonna feel the Wrath on the Path that your choosing
    A Souls what you lack from the Crack your abusing
    Understand That cus it's Fact that your losing

    Pimp Mode: G

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    Default Ayo allow we to reintroduce

    You are the Anti Christ, Get off our planet
    Assigning damage
    the sandwiched caveman
    from the planes of asiatic
    Schizophrenic Epidemic
    Jet Set it
    Robot Tank is the fake yank
    version of Frank The Lyrical Tank
    9 eleven, Allahs workers dine
    in Heaven unlike the souls of
    Servants. Yanks, Brits, Euro Geeks
    You wont speak
    GFK, it was
    George who
    Did It
    (Feelin so bold)

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    I point out the All Seeing Eye in the sky
    and wonder why it's normal for one to die
    i evolve and become rather immortal
    i never die i just travel through a portal

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    The difference between sinking and rising above
    is shown in your levels of hate and love.

    "Megatron Rejuvinate!"
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    Yo check it, high off that piff mayne...

    Today is the day we give glory to GOD
    when we think about it, life hasn't been so hard
    Paradise is sudden and in the present moment
    but if you're in the past or future you will never know it
    You see Hiphop in that, and you see Hiphop in this
    now see Hiphop as your creative consciousness
    Release your anger, your doubt, and your fear
    and instantly your mind will become quite clear

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    My 7xl is not yet invented

    yo this is Oroku Saki mayne

    Foolish people only follow the trend and the check
    while the wise ones also follow the cause and the effect
    The one that loves GOD is good but not above
    the compassionate one that simply gives and shows love
    Any path you choose to find God is sacred
    Follow any path of GOD and you will make it
    To achieve transformation, it is GOD who must work you
    Your friends will desert you and your relatives will hurt you.
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    three lights in the sky that beam down light
    alter thought patterns and perfection of sight
    high as a kite soaring and roasting in the wind
    stop the engines and lose great altitude to win
    fall down through the window and great pillars will melt
    and enemy of the state is now born, known and felt
    i wreak havoc on my enemies and elevate when necessary
    take the time out the soul of all my emmisarys
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    The eyes of a woman supreme, so full of deceit
    spreading lies and cries, while she opens your skies but cheats,
    behind ya back, but her rack sets ya back while she licks ya nutsack
    fuck her crack, even though ya wanna stab her with a thumbtack

    her body was floating humane despite the bloodstain
    she'd been driving me insane by planting a dendrite with a headpain
    constant cycle of redundant judgement
    confronting trifle on abundant lodgement

    psychic madness, it was the blandness of our love
    which led me to this act of putting on a glove,
    signs of remorse ain't involved with this divorce
    the force of your coarse ways just ain't what I endorse
    I abhor the smell of fluor while I'm cleaning the decore,
    heartsore after heartsore, but still, je t'adore..

    First real verse I ever wrote, flow ain't too tight but it'll come with practice.

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    When i smoke i feel like Homer in 3d
    A new fascinating place more surreal than tv
    you appear to me as a holographic stain
    you are ugly like your pornographic brain
    When willie said the Shinning it was true
    I kick you in the shin with my big black shoe
    When you hear this Rewind your Tapedecks
    GWBush is the reason we should practice Safe-sex

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