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Thread: Official Freestyle Thread

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    Default andy peters beat up life mc

    when the care team come around to visit me
    all i can think about doing is killing people physically
    i imagine richard left behind a recording device
    and i was laughing out loud at the baby penguin on ice
    la-cinderella thought it was a nice penguin
    but i was thinking about upgrading franks gpu engine
    rza iz a nza
    ugod is a bonified nigga
    mystical paradise paragraph parasites
    physical lyrical life mc bilical
    giant snapping meteor puppets
    great white shark dark teeth eating crumpets

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    Default I call the demon in my head my pokemon to piss it off

    somethings zapping my head and my damage indicator goes off
    my chest muscles holler pain but no stress is thrown off
    i wonder what each satellites function is
    4 in a diamond formation and another big ass one that sure aint functionless
    i laugh at this but most people just cant see it
    that the government are liars and im jesus but you cant believe it
    I AM the second coming
    You WILL be running
    Your trickery cannot halt my expansion
    I'm the king, build me my fucking mansion
    Get me a fucking milk shake
    and a slice of cake thats well baked
    the government are after me
    but scared to see me face to face ahh blasphemy
    immortal technique is afraid of the government
    so i use my lyrics to big punish him

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    yawn yo woke up to the sound of the front door being kicked sharply
    but when i looked out the window at 5am no one was there to attack me
    satellites now in optimal view
    i bet they projected some beams into my head to make me hear the sound through
    an auditory hallucination projected into me
    its always the same old with these humans nothing to amuse me
    the sound of the kick was all wrong and sounded movie-like BIG
    its like the auditory hallucination had too much reverb to be coming from where it did

    ayo imagine i asked my neigbours in the morning
    if they heard the sound of the kick, i'd be embarrased and mourning
    imagine one of the government agents wanted a fight
    i'd gladly take them on in the streets and put there head right
    i'm immortal, all they do is play around
    my diss technique is godly, i stand my grounds
    cup of tea, scrumptous
    scottish government are wankers, fuck this
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    say this while your QuiVeRing-aNd-ShiVeRing
    i'm delivering the toxin with this killer sting i bring
    I'm breaking eggs with the back of a hammer
    why does Obama rhyme with Osama
    thats ones only the guardians of this planet know
    i often stare at rappers faces on my ipod while they flow
    im eating m&ms, sipping tea
    while listening to spoken facts thinking of smoking crack

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    ayo there's
    4 satellites in a diamond shape over montrose
    projecting wacky beams, but nowt can affect these ultramagnetic flows
    theres a real life demon in my head that will soon burn
    nigga im gonna whoop your jesus when he returns
    im here to ruin all your fun
    what the bible says about these times is fucking dumb
    christians are delusional
    other religions should choose to kill

    fight me now you fucking prick:

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    When the satellites aint out i feel fine
    GJ & RP 4 K-9's
    when Roger Blake sees cats its play time
    splatter your brains
    medication makes me fat n insane
    you oppress marijuana cus you cant handle the truth
    people like you cant use both hemispheres of the brain
    you go poof
    blow them through the roof with dark attitudes
    a spark startles you
    the aliens who brought weed to earth will dismantle you
    tumultous time, genius mistaken for madness
    now you must ask yourself whos style is the baddest
    Canibus thought he was cryptic talking about a citadel
    sit down you fucking bitch

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    the rhymes grind bones n'flesh an effortless test
    the forts held down in my pocket bagged kush cess
    renegade dressed hot iron face pressed
    the hardest to bag hoes since hef
    step out of line it's like walking through a land-mine
    fuck those critical hype lines about bagging up and nines
    gun in the champion hoodie nine scratched serial shine
    killing you infidels in these infamous times
    so face the hardest blows to bruise or just recline
    building blocks fine fingering dimes dynamic
    step up the face-off fanatic becomes frantic
    remember fear-less you fear this severe swift
    lose your hearing from the near hits i spear shit
    making the largest hoes holdin' down generals
    all gutted in a row screams from the sliced genetals

    My evidence, my own testament, written on wood
    Twelve tribes layin at the head of corners in hoods
    Hell razah

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    casually bring tragedy to your calvary with rapid speed
    emcees weak, fall off like autumn leaves vanish in breeze
    nightcrawlin' daywalker-blade runner fast learner with a burner
    im quicker, dig her beaver deeper, river laker baker dozen 1up
    dismiss statistics based studies makes dummies
    rakes monies traced, fragile as spread pussies eggs runny
    standing tall in the land, understanding the universal law of man
    exhibit arts darts explosive impulsive as freestyle battles
    spittin poems splittin dome pieces bitches w/ weird fetishes feces i feed em'
    cuz cream we need em' so teach the seeds when you breed em'
    blow from the block the good fucking shepherd with the flock i lead em'

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    back to spazz like vinnie paz snatch ya bags disaster drags
    have you madder than a bitch on a rag inflicted with crabs
    we don't take tabs on fags rhymes got em by the slabs
    So feast up or keep it moving like a tenant whose lease is up
    no 30 days notice or arrangements to discuss
    your street bound sleeping in a ran down truck
    shook with jewels tucked bout to get stuck
    for treasures that had you broke as fuck
    while my dollars double out-fit louder than the treble
    troubled i didn't bubble fool your blood is a puddle
    your crew is kittens softer than socks, and mittens
    i'm derby dirty.. bathrooms full? then on you i'm shittin'
    renegade renditions of a rebel on a mission to give the game what it's missing

    My evidence, my own testament, written on wood
    Twelve tribes layin at the head of corners in hoods
    Hell razah

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    i'm ill, beatbox for crocodiles in brazil
    rip off your cape and your back get a chill
    the bat get a chill when im robbing the langind
    take off the bat copter from that landing
    peppermint sundays everything one way
    big sneaky cactaur prickling on mondays
    FINE! the lyrical dime master
    NINE! the miracle rhyme caster

    * Chorus - Sing in He-Man tune *

    I am Jesus the Slayer of Christ and i am here to save you all
    I am Jesus the Slayer of Christ and i am here to save you all
    I am Jesus the Slayer of Christ and i am here to save you all
    I am Jesus the Slayer of Christ and i am here to save you all

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    slay minds divided wise shane brock lames knocks
    claims you clans aimed when perma banned know how to be a man/
    shame you sucker emcees ain't deadily with a return
    when you renig i spit a wig fix a pig and murk a beat/
    trigger feat featuring beefs over roast flames
    mostly lames know how i plays the game we brawl in/
    back off the heat, max out cha debt deadly when i weigh it out
    scales battling pails mastering fails shoving thrones off the cliff/
    gimme the gifts, repack the shives and ship e'm to your glibbs
    trying to gibbs and o'bomb you like an old maid who isn't made/

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    It's only hell no gates pearly debates early the hate lures me
    to a trap i walked around to give you hissing cats bitch-slaps
    you either get-up or get-back can't dodge the kick of the big mack
    holes in em for cheese rat-heads get cracked
    bagged up the soap fiends buying 8-balls of fake cracks
    it wasn't me no small change pockets stay stacked
    with extra cheese illegal steez trees, and g-packs
    eat your meal and you better not feed-back
    it's mine so there's nothing to take back
    bones are titanium you can't break that
    breaking bad meth labs for math
    fold em fast behold the blast i'm free at last

    My evidence, my own testament, written on wood
    Twelve tribes layin at the head of corners in hoods
    Hell razah

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    play flows like 8 bit pixel check the eggs shell ya walking on
    talking by winds swindle pins inkling winds physical limits/
    gimmicks, ganja, polish ya honor document against the 9
    wonderous iron blind fury leaves mixtures blurry/
    i'm the S-H deadly debate shivan armory rivets in screws tighter
    white lighter fire fighter wired tighter than fiend looking for drugs/

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    Default smoking weed and blasting niggas in 2012

    my arch nemesis is waiting
    why do able people do nothing with their lives thus making me hate them
    my medication takes away all my motivation and creativity
    sedates me and stops rhyme ability
    i'm guessing after 2012 it'll be ok
    when the tables turn and we move past the present and history
    into the light where the materialistic will perish
    my powers all exist there and thats when i flourish (and you fucking die)

    every time i see my doctor roger blake
    he explains things to make me fucking angry
    i fucking hate schizophrenics
    but he declares me one of them
    in 2012 you will see
    i am jesus hehe
    roger said that the cars the government delilberitly drive past with numerical patterns in number plates
    i have to pretend arent happening. thats fantasticly great.
    but it is happening nigga
    2012 pullin that trigga
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    hazel and ed came round to my flat
    la-cinderella repeatedly taunted me to say 'auntie hazel' and i said naw i aint saying that
    ed said why do you let the supernatural bother you
    i think maybe he hinted that it wasnt real and i was fool
    they wanted me to get a career
    but i work at the furniture project because its near
    and its really easy for me yo
    and i can talk to la-cinderella 24/7 and flow

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