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Thread: Official Freestyle Thread

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    our world collided with a economical paradox @ war with punching clocks ticking like global stocks reminiscent of clogged arteries to the hearts collapse, a smack in the face perhaps when the battle elapse into individual spiritual realms brain cells fell for the force fed visuals, morals blended invisible, imperial government underwent corporate occupation, conspired social serial killing operatives & invasion on our pavement, civil liberties enslavement with monarchs of patriot acts, malediction with the confliction of the ought to be working class citizens waiting for a bailout or extra dividends listening to false political ambitions while the sheep sleep non listing to the bell whistling its time to take a position & stand firm with conviction, the opposition placed us here with out a pot to piss in, these city blocks became burial plots & prisons, televisions mock the peoples mission & manipulate our visions corruption destruction erupting a downward spiral of survival inside you until a psyche cycles a psychos' arrival to demonstrate the riot inside you when Molotov cocktails define you, ill be right there beside you

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    Punchout cha strikes miked up iked out flying clout denied out cha bount write cha down like another number in the my phone book/
    home hooks blow books read data via the net chin check do the deck right wathc me cut the cards, never renig, i never quit cuz i am better than the flow that floats like an anvil and drops like a hammer/
    know my team is crushing you with more packs than hacks
    when i sahq up them balls you'll call down before you can be uploaded/
    concluded disillusion destroy flows i am a fusion
    of man and beast, roasting emcees like fish filet/
    trying to play pass the dart i toss the nuke
    and leave your side of the field wiped out/
    write out cha dom, my nators be doomulation completed with computation completion relatiate with reason fiasable demons/
    know you tebowing and kneeing thinking you got skills
    when you ain't even got skills at sking/

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    nobody knew this nigga was jesus
    just chillin around on multiple different beaches
    a bachelour sea parlour
    a dirty old sea hammer
    black smoke crack man
    a cliff where the cragg's hang
    ahmeds camera on a tripod
    god told me via my ipod
    to make lots of noise and wake up the niggas
    he also said come clean so dont smoke no more ciggas
    niggas cant think what if god was like me
    like if Canibus got high and tried to be a comical mc
    the wishing of the bones, the tissue of the throne
    missile of the thorns wishing you were formed
    method man and sean rolling on the brickss
    imagine a wii game where you could hammer in the bricks

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    Nobody knew the name of Nobody a somebody
    blown gattlings master factoids check your raptors
    in a cage with my beasts from the east/
    come and preach ditch cha leash lash gashes over the eyes wonder wives wonder wise
    thunderous thighs leave guys stunned and vulnerable armed and miserable/
    applicable rip minds like psycho therapist making the apex
    lameness be the decrepit raps I can't have in my cipher/
    weaponize bars like plagues I age in the dark days
    max out cards leave your teeth rotten for a spot in the sun/
    golden gun my eyes be minds you can't even define with a campaign I demise
    decided to find the way of a way is how I never stray from the way/
    my sway be kingly crowning sons I’m sounding off with rifles
    snipe eifels out cha leaning towers and
    give ya more gouges than punches you can muster/

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    Default the real prophecy

    i write about this with the best of my ability
    david icke thinks the awakening is realising everything is a conspiracy
    whereas daniel pinchbeck thinks its about making windmills
    and farms harnessing earths natural energy sources in fields
    spirituallity fools think its about the awakening of the spirit
    i think all your books are just some sort of wack ass gimmick
    ufo nuts think 2012 will be the year of disclosure
    i hate to say your wrong but all your theories are OVER
    in my awakening i see it more like david wilcock
    magical powers that are strong for me to build upon
    the vibrations are dense and static for now
    soon they will reverberate and your asking how
    ascension will begin with a single spoken word
    recorded on wax a sweet sound so phat
    unveiling the next chapter so we can fly free
    not even the illuminati can stop me... the powers that be.. they want to hold us back, but they can't do that
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    Default Dead rappers in heaven await my arrival to the rap game

    dead niggas cheering me on!
    (this is that ill nigga shit)

    i woke up this mornin around 8 am
    the demon in my head was like lets play a game
    i'm like nah bitch i'm fucking tired
    she was on super alert today like she fucking wired
    so i had to play a game and i just had to laugh
    she was hungry and i was feeding her cus i'm a giraffe
    i was her mummy and she was fucking hungry
    forcing a demon to play games to make sure she never feel she above me
    cus i am the jesus figure (nah you aint jesus nigga)
    wait till the time is right nigga im a cap you
    the illuminati new world order march ahead with they plans
    while fags like eminem think its peace and we can all hold hands
    truth be told the operators of the satellites that battle me
    sending they families to hell so devils rape they anatomy
    they take boners over their super advanced hardware
    but on judgement day niggas get a large scare

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    ayo what you cant believe is that im jesus
    so why dont i tarnish the name by wasting time on you deceivers
    until you believe this, i think you learned nothing
    since the last time, niggas learnt nothing from suffering
    niggas partying in the streets, gettin drunk in the club
    nigga im jesus i aint scared of no thug
    your a fucking maggot, theres stars bigger than the sun
    so run home nigga calling on yo moms (yeah nigga)
    nigga thinks technologies brought about peace
    nigga you bout to be deceased
    because in over 100 reincarnations as a human
    theres still painful death blooming

    ill tarnish the name by being jesus and smoking crack
    when i leave earth on space ship no fucking jesu will be back.... ever again

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    Default i better nae be banned nigga

    to all these spy niggas who operate these satellites
    i wonder what they say to their families when they go home at night
    eating their evening meal and fiending for that button
    the one they push to send pain through my brain all of a sudden
    electro-magnetic signals fired from satellites in the sky
    that travel through windows and walls and into this guy
    these niggas would never fuck with me in the streets
    these niggas will be fucked on judgement day so feel the heat
    i bet some of them have happy families
    ...how would you like witness a mortal kombat fatality
    in yo own home, a sledgehammer to yo own dome
    i shout fuck the illuminati when i hold chrome.. yeah nigga

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    strike the mind, back on the grind fine milton got cha brother bradly armed madly infectious check connections when you divided into sections put cha in prism/
    wise not to test, invest wanna best check your statements
    you can either react or retract because i don't back pedal/
    i medal in affairs check the loose leg on ya chair
    get cha cupboard striped bare mon'fer know this ain't the type that comes marching in/
    wonderous stompping crims in a crap shoot pack out cha boots
    refurb know the nerds verbally vicious telekinetically lifted/
    sift though the barriers trying sound scarier
    when your not even a pitbull terrier trying to put fear in us/
    know when the buck doesn't stop get cha traded like new york knick
    you get trampled and dropped like a stock i didn't trade cha/

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    Default the last poet to talk about whats real

    Jesus 2 spitting to the government a death wish
    spirituallity is meant to be enlightened bliss
    warning, some of the symptoms of spiritual awakening kill this
    sometimes they mirror schizophrenia and mental illness
    Governments don't like you awakening to your spiritual gift
    they would like you to stay in ignorant bliss
    they'll zap you with satellites, watch your back
    and stalk you until you get put under the mental health act
    Doctors put you away for saying the government is after you
    but its all just a bit of fun knowing a bunch of old men want to battle you
    They want you to stay living in 5 dulled down senses
    When i ascend ill burn down all the governments defenses
    I walk the walk so don't tread on me
    I can prove hyperdimensional beings are a reality
    Governments wont want me to spill this info, they'd rather burn me
    I can also prove we are only really at the start of lifes journey
    trivialities all fade away, nonlinear time comes into play
    nigga this is real i could speculate all day
    to all those who don't believe me, life will diss you
    My iPod told me 'God be with you'

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    Default Tank v Tank

    [Frank the Lyrical Tank vs Frank the Robot Tank]

    people giving out funny looks, little errored sins
    box head sedative, i bet you will terapins
    maximize levels override cattle hopping down
    little friendly leaf coming out never stopping now
    "You ain't Like Me, You Don't Lyrically Know Me"
    I'm far away professionally a terror script like Mercury
    Dipsy Daisy speaking out, eating out of the castle grounds
    Little peoples fairys creeping out and then they dance around
    ...smelly dungarees, bumble bees, sting ya knees
    people cast a spell at over 33 degrees
    ..telling him, catch a flow, battle foes and shatter nose
    cattle pose, cow pageant, loud sounding, eat a loaf
    big bad billy bombing out never overdrive
    creepy little dog head climbing over leather-eyes
    ....drinking san-miguel, never taking antabuse
    people think i'm weird licking neck of an antelope
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    Default Tonights Rhyme(3/02/2012)

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    The dented instrumental, sharp pencils wrecked the temple,
    the syllable feather quilled letters filled the stencil.
    Measuring the levels of my element central,
    emphasized the specialized censored out essentials.
    Credentials of a killa bee, a killah emcee,
    refreshed then ready set - reflexed on 3.
    1 the guns pack thunder claps time for action,
    runners bumped the track once the gun started blastin'.
    2 i drew first blood on thirsty newcomers,
    hustlers and true ruthless bookies knew the numbers.
    Snub nosed slugs, post noted for undercovers,
    paid D.A.'s even Supreme court judges.
    Rumbled in I muscled my passage, mapped my status out,
    manifested scratches turned the decks like a carousel...

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    Check my harvested fabric, harness the dark graphic,
    the dark matter static charged raps of dark magic.
    The hard headed suicidal, left in the spiral,
    dead on arrival, left the endless struggle for survival.
    Tried lying, tired, tryna hide behind vices,
    high on lifes cool but getting high was priceless.
    HIgh as i type write these diamond ciphers,
    raise ya lighters, blaze for sentimental reminders.
    Signed yours sincerely, im nearly at peace now,
    time calls for all when u see a hand reach down...

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    The wild-type finalized vinyls grindin the grimy,
    cipher sounds heard so eyes look to find me.
    Blindly minds try me, always tryna bite fiesty,
    triflin muthafukkkas decide to step lively.
    Shouldve stepped lightly shit might be aiite now,
    'cept it takes a shellcase to get u to quiet down.
    Silence around violence surrounds firin' rounds,
    cryin ppl dyin bodies pile the ground.
    While the sounds of the trumpet play, nothin remains,
    nothin but floors filled spilled with a million brains...

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