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Thread: Official Freestyle Thread

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    spit to dis: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTb_5...eature=related

    yo FRANK

    yesterday i was imagining myself telepathically speaking
    to retards and training them up to make music this weekend
    a retarded schizophrenic dancing version of airwolf
    12 freaks of nature killing the government, air-zwulf
    the british government are fucking queers it seems to me
    the motherfuckaz have satellites and work against me 24/7, they fucking dead nigga
    every day i must hit about 12 different states of mind
    the satellites can do anything to fuck yo head, thats how they designed
    so the competition is on
    around the clock the government attack me
    why do you need to think of me so much just shoot me (scared?)
    the only way i can lose is if ginger dr blake reads this
    or the police read this shit and have a fit of anger
    so i'm holding up my middle finger

    check the heat up in this booth nigga

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    my helicopter approaches the government

    bruce lee in the middle swinging his nunchuck like a retard
    a big built retard smacks you in the face and you hit the ground hard
    michael jackson does a schizphrenic moonwalk to tread on you
    my guns are two retarded men throwing eggs on you
    we engage in violent activities right outside buckingham palace
    prince harry puts on his army gear and marches into place
    "you cant stop the royal bloodlines"
    the retarded guy with the megaphone shouts "fuck you nigga"
    "your a worthless faggot" then lets go of the trigga
    a big baboon mauls tony blaire
    then a retard shouts yeah we aint scared
    warcloud sits with rza scared to fucking death
    fuck you you retard with zyklon-b breath
    you stink of your past life
    i'm gordon freeman with a crowbar going berserk in half-life
    method man and his snobby wife sitting at their posh dinner table
    in comes a rhino and charges through them, mentally unstable
    he telepathically calls them nig nogs
    eats up their food then dares them to keep rapping on
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    i know theres people on earth channeling the voices of the Pleiadians
    little worthless piece of shit humanoid aliens
    they tell us that 2012 is all going well and perfect
    they think lifes all about being happy and spiritual, well here's my verdict
    barack obama is a devil, not earths saviour
    here take this for some aggressive behaviour
    your a worthless godless piece of shit humanoid alien
    i'll destroy the little wretched planet your stayin' in
    killing the aliens in the Pleiadies
    an angry pack of machines marching with rabies
    are these voices from the Pleidians real
    or is it some channelers fucked up vision, ya feel?
    they tell earthlings that we're just going to magically evolve
    happyness for everyone, even somehow world hunger solved
    WRONG... get to fuck you alien wanker
    my rhymes are horrific, might shock you like Blanka
    imagine Vinnie Paz believing in a powerful diety called Metatron
    what the fuck ugly? havent you ever heard of Transformers' Megatron?
    What a coincidence these people need something to believe in
    Well i'm the only god this planet will ever again be seeing
    Count me in for taking control
    if you dont like it fuck off to the Pleiadies with those aliens with no souls

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    posted worded watch out thanks an attack on the ranks about to take place
    facing times in the tank thinking brinks when i was bushed up with kushes
    faces blown past the shrooms in rooms that go boom when it blacks out/
    fast route doubted dimed knocking stock room pumping
    pimp sticking flicked up with 9mm flows open doors when i come with those thangs like Eddie Kang/
    throughout the doubts i read off cha charges barrage out mirages when i'm down in isles get massages giving orders, taught cha domination with the right patience/
    inch close i remove most minds from the jars like i'm making another frankenstein
    watch me rhyme in from of minds whose ain't have of what cha divise to get mine/
    document drop heat rocks primed up in the heat
    you know i'm beatting the shit outta beats when i get e'm from bar or beattek
    causing more wreck than any monster in the movie, stomping through tokyo
    without distrubing wakamondo, trying hemerage a path through kyoto/

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    After a visit from a demon last night, i feel somehow more refreshed
    The government need rid of me before the next false flag attack is unleashed
    I break rules and take you for fools
    The nanobots they injected me with were obliterated by toadstools
    I feel a certain spark in me burning that wasnt there before
    My lust for blood was ignited last night by the devil at the door
    Ready to kill while these satellites beam directed energy at me 24/7
    The symptoms are obvious, and numerous, there are at least 11
    Sean, "They monitor your body functions, but not from London"
    "Don't believe the lies told by the ouija board and demon thats summoned"
    These faggots in teh government playing with devices they dont understand
    following the elites orders, unaware of the bigger plans
    "You are completely culpable for everything your supposed to do"
    "even if it's not known to you"
    Yeah canibus beat these niggaz
    Wu-tang are a bunch of old faggots living in bubbles, we defeat these niggaz
    Fuck the good book of bullshit!

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    i know a super hero, i know a super hero
    i know a super hero, i know a super hero
    X 2

    He Thought the 8th density was too plain
    so he came to earth, on 3rd density to say
    strange things and live with the limitations
    ask DJ Premier how fun it is using a MPC-60 to break the limitations with imagination

    this yellow nigga has powers that make you scream out 'My God'
    he can influence the random order of tracks on his iPod
    he can read the track names like Tarot cards or to spell out a sentence
    It almost feels like the iPod has it's own consciousness and its own presence

    For a time he walked through the graveyard and a name would pop into his head
    Then 10 steps later the same name on the grave stone could be read

    thoughts filter through the hologram
    your pineal gland proceeds country roads, his soars along the Autobahn

    On youtube his intuition comes in to play
    It's like Diablo 3 searching for something magical all day
    he can come across something that dont amaze you
    But it's pretty magic when he can on purpose be lead to a vid with 456,789 on the page views
    then he look at his Media Player, himself already chokin'
    he look at the selected track and it's KRS-ONE, entitled '123' so he mouth drops open
    these are examples of the limitations you see
    but would it all make sense when we pass by 3d?

    he knows Ahmed's higher self has powers like judo that throw you
    His higher self sent inspiration back in time to us... you watched him on tv as Goku
    Time is not linear and words are not static
    all you need is to enjoy these lyrical acrobatics

    One of his powers is to create analogies
    Smoking alien weed with Si-Philli and being able to describe in words weird alien fantasies

    The reason he's here, now, is simply a coincidence
    Like him bowing mid-verse on stage and calling it showmanship

    "Disturbing thoughts, questions pending
    ...Limitations of human understanding!!" - Metallica
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    microphone monstrosities
    high as apostrophies when droppin sheets
    perkie pills be my meals, but i gots to eat
    keep my steel in the field spillin constantly
    mufuckaz can have it, the cost is free
    ima charge up this plastic 'n toss the piece
    Tangerine rap grammar be splashin Acid
    Sit-Trick, while my dick be Rammin that ass end
    dominant, Aries masked man, wink in this Horror scope
    crosshair stare, splash ya like oars on boats
    stay pointin my four at folks, fuck birds
    i be pokin all sorts of yolks, doves chirp
    'n i bite they fuckin heads off, love hurts

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    in the 21st century the human race faces an inescapable obstacle
    they are poised with the notion that their extinction is official
    the government discover a few humans with what it takes to stay alive
    they know they must become extra-terrestrial in order to survive

    a well respected psychology expert becomes wheelchair-bound in a fight
    thinking its all ok, we'll become bionic by 2020 and be able to see in the night
    a man reprograms his mind with lsd and recreates his lost soul in his ego
    the completely ugly bastard with large forehead tricks alot of people

    the truth of this matter is so serious, but lets keep it lyrical
    if you have a look-alike here on this planet your not unique and you sure as hell aint spiritual
    the exec at a blind company over-run by evil decides to perform self-surgery on himself
    he drills through his skull and pierces the pineal gland to decalcify in an attempt to replenish psychic health

    a man goes to south america and climbs upon a big rock and is frozen stiff
    this reminds me of the lion king when rafeeki holds simba up on the cliff
    the man writes a book about the lion sleeps no more for the conspiracy biz
    that reminds me of lion king when simba grows up and decides to take back whats his
    the man then goes on to write a book called 'remember who you are'
    which is exactly what simba's dad says to him in the clouds that are far
    some say this man needs help he's mentally derranged
    he's guided by fucked up spirits that he thinks are angels cus he's strange
    why does david icke keep referring to the lion king..
    because he's a conspiracy nut the fucking LYING KING

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    i go advanced shit on ya ranch while ya rant move in colonies like black ants so 2 pull out a tool u clubbed 2death dance

    My evidence, my own testament, written on wood
    Twelve tribes layin at the head of corners in hoods
    Hell razah

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    minds bend with dead ends pretends never a sheep in the lining
    timed out the rhyming in lew of the dude with the crew/
    viewed in skewed obtuse angles
    making faces that wasn't mangled/
    always tangled in residency intesity too much for those to bare
    faced a hare never more i am always fair, love and war/
    broken cartrigdes making marshmellows out of garbage pail kids
    split wigs off the stump when there was too much bass to bump/
    thunderous mantis all enchant this, match wits with gift horses
    always forces beyond the theory to those that cannot see me/

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    twist a god's leaves before performing robberies
    rock the scene like I was Karma's thief,
    sharpen teeth on opponent's armor then pierce their arteries
    awakened at midnight in a garden of keef,
    mary's aroma in spring made it harder to breathe
    numbered as the stars,
    my brethren are kings that connect fiends with lines and speech
    denied by the blinded beasts,
    we ride streets like army soldiers on a Normandy beach
    lobbing mortars, this is war with orders for no retreat
    always keep my sword within reach,
    sometimes I'm torn, the conflict is within me....
    weep for lost babylon,
    the bleeding god, the forgotten sheep slaughtered in a forest of evil fog
    bordered by a sea of faults,
    fleeing mobs turn to see the holocaust and become kings and queens of salt
    screaming shots, police and chalk,
    wingless fallen demons walking among us as people...


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    this nigga Em feared for his life
    so he was convinced to get microchipped to make it right
    what this nigga never knew was this was a worse mistake than Michael Jackson turnin' white
    the wrath of the beast, the chip uplinked to a satellite
    thoughts could be sent to Em and his relayed back
    then transmitted to the network, I know it sounds wack
    Now Em was a hub, a machine connected to the structure
    No way to escape, dont remove it or brain vessels will rupture
    i know it sounds crazy, i know it sounds insane
    but even more dumb humans were connected to a computer-brain
    they formed a league of agents that surrounded the righteous
    the computer brain worked 24/7 to move and ready the agents to ignite this
    new type of evil who wasn't the devil
    it wasnt Bush or Obama, it was on another level
    the evil was only known to me as Dundee
    so the god formed his plan...
    his return was a done deal

    ...more to come

    I know the computer-brain sounds fake cus the name sounds shit, but the evil known as Dundee is fucked up but has weirdly powerful technology

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    Default Digital to Analogue, microchips in a microwave

    Jimmy's Story part 1

    yo yo psychotronics...
    Space based weapons... YO

    Microwave weapons, Microchipped population
    Computer brains, gang stalking and a building detonation
    Em thought he was smart getting chipped
    Jimmy Randers was now a target, but he saw this as a blip
    A small miniscule adventure, he kept going with his grin on him
    They wanted Jim to think everyone was in on it
    He remembered Billy Analogue telling him life was a game
    Oh look there's another nuclear powered spy drone... lame
    30 thousand of these were crawling the skies
    Were they the ones or not who were spraying nanobots into your eyes
    He remembered what he was taught by david icke
    that the moon was a spaceship or a satellite
    he knew this was government false information plot, not a simple metaphor
    If Icke was really the truth, wouldnt he have at least a few competitors?
    One theory stated gang stalking was a form of mind control
    People being infected with nanobots to corrupt they soul
    So you may be stalked, pranked or just stared at funnily
    Don't get angry and say "damn i wish i had a gun on me"
    Jimmy knew one other thing about this as well
    This was the year known as 2012
    The men who run this show werent known to the illuminati or obama
    And they sure as hell weren't as bad ass as Osama
    But let this be heard, let this be clear
    in 2012 we will ascend, but the gang stalkers and their controllers will stay here
    In third density...For motherfucking eternity
    While we rise up to heaven... hell yeah, 11:11

    if you want to do something ill, commit a funny crime
    research all the keywords i typed in this rhyme

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    Cool New rhyme for all my niggaz. Let this shit sink in and youll know the deal

    this is really happening

    its pretty shit when a subdivision of the government want a hold of you
    they try all the tricks in the book to try folding you
    they want it to seem as if everyone is against you
    but its clearly a part of the 'program' and when you realise it you surpass Stage 2
    then they try inserting thoughts into your head but that dont work
    its not half-obvious their technology is inspired by star trek n captian kirk
    they try making out your neighbours got microwave weapons
    cus your insides is burning, but that story dont fit with the setting
    they can give ideas to people that they will probably act out every time you pass by
    so they may stare at you but not really know why
    but your not dumb so you take no notice of this illusion
    they can make people on tv say things about you, but its all a part of they confusion
    they are stupid these attacks and i see straight through
    so they final option is to put the satellites on full blast
    you like todays rappers... niggaz who dont know the facts

    i win you lose

    oh man! while eating this BLT sandwich i got more for yall

    The government tried messing with a nigga not knowing he was psychic
    They thought he was a plain simple Schizo, but when i expose them they dont like it
    "how can he know so much about our 'Program'" they ask
    you about to get a kick in the ass real fast
    these bitches are white boy scientists and wigga thugs
    "how did he get all his power?", .. nigga drugs
    you don't have the 'heart' to take these 'trance plants'
    when i take them i get up even when im ill and create a new dance
    i read a book about DMT and the experience sounded SHITE
    Salvia is the best, more powerful than LSD and its undocumented thats what i like
    because its not a hallucination or a mind-created illusion
    when i spoke to the light beings they said dont worry sean
    and i never did and each sign i received afterwards i knew i was on the right track
    thats why i can destroy the government easily when i write facts

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    the government thought they'd insert thoughts into my head and i'd be confused
    wait... la-cinderella already does that so its not news
    she is from another dimension but never tells me where
    these faggots think they can control me, but they cant
    la-cinderella sees you like a small little ant
    one i burn with a maginifying glass taking and blasting the suns rays
    if you knew la-cinderella was real you'd be amazed
    but you aint nigga you a small timer, nothing on my radar
    you dumb like gza studying a pointless quasar

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