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Thread: Official Freestyle Thread

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    Default Re: Official Freestyle Thread

    i've never even heard of greece,...sept for that shit drippin off my chicken.../
    think you got what it takes boy than u trippin .../
    welcome to wucorp dot com.../
    im sicka than aidz,...the muthafucka with the ability to let off atomic bombs.../
    nuclear raps,...leave the internet wheezing,.../
    cats frontin like im commiting treazon when i let em know i got g unit joints on my playlist,...they still aint shit compared to wu so I hope u dont catch net feelings.../
    over the music i listen too,...im ten years older than you.../
    im glad your droppin fresh bombs in my freestyle section,...throwin down rhyme's official,...keepin it wu,...good for u.../
    test me,...ill chop your fukin feet off.../
    start a soundclick combined of your screams an the sound of your head goin "splat" against the wall when u meet my sawed off.../
    poor salt on your wounds,...horrocore in the tombs.../
    been crankin satan's joints throughout the chatrooms before u hit your mama's womb.../
    keep it real in this thread or end up dead an extinct like the last dinosaur.../
    i started this thread to see how fast i could kill it an I've always remained on top...always holdin down the floor.../
    what more?/....shit,...i really dont know,..../
    u met my clique right,...they'll melt u like snow in the sun over mexico.../
    tijuana rap,...sicka, shrap,cap, goddagree, big ben,..."cats who aint wak".../
    hopefully you'll build from this but u can retaliate an seal your fate if u think u gettin attacked.../
    if that was the case,...you'd be flatter than pancakes'.../
    sweet syrup from my nuts equals sicka's Aid'z piss hittin your face.../
    like damn"....why's everyone wanna a piece of me.../
    this text is just text,...could be a rip off from some jerk off member of the ill community.../
    anyways,...i dont think your phony,...u seem like an honest kid.../
    dont fuck with me tho,...you should see what became of the last weirdo that did.../
    he's strung up in the trunk of an old beaster ass early seventies caddie.../
    bring the pain lil homie,...or get fuckin stomped badly.../
    im out, good to meet u,...throw down some more no doubt.../
    yeah, thats it,...fuck a shout out,...niggaz no who I think stand out an who I dont give a fuck about


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    Default Re: Official Freestyle Thread

    sicka, HIV

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    Default Re: Official Freestyle Thread

    Woke up the mornin breeze freezin, smell of fresh cut grass/
    Sore from the previous night, Fuck brass, I bare knuckle box glass/
    Altercation arose from those who imposed drama in my yard/
    Felt like I was at work, punchin in an out like it was a punch card/
    Sparred for moments like Holyfeild showed the real deal/
    Cranium full of steel, Implanted by the weopen I conceal/
    At the time it was the ideal, So I continued to peel/
    His head like tires fallin off, from an automobile/
    The man staggerin swaggerin as if the dude was drunk/
    Rifled his snot box wif a left cross, then like a boat that ship sunk/
    Dragged em to the alley, the fiends began to rally/
    Took his jeans, an wallet then continued to tally/
    Their new net income rose, cuz one nigga chose/
    To step on my own lawn an like bombs exchange the blows/
    Greed and ambition composed his personality/
    To face me I knew the kid possesed no rationality/
    Wasn consistent, lacked the knowledge of what I was able to withstand/
    By the time dun realised it was like he was neck deep in quicksand/
    No remorse, for my action shrugged it off an proceeded home/
    Flicked through the channels like nothin happened let my mind roam/
    Now um up this mornin awake wif a smile, Captivated by the wire/
    One thing before I go I must admit,..... umma habitual liar/
    Walk In My Shoes, Hurt Ya Feet, Then Yall Gone Know Why I Do Dirt In The Street.

    "Shorty gimme more a u, ill take on 4 of u, plus 44 of the 48 laws for u"

    "The Future is a mystery, the past is history, today is a
    gift thats why its called the present"

    Um on 7 Mile Ridin fuckin Dirty

    Cass Corridor as well punk


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    Wu-Tang Soul Menace
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    Default play by play 1nation under turnament

    everythin i hear is kill and slaughter
    and how niggas take off limbs like what happened to Che guevara
    i auta stark smackin niggaz from here to cancun
    bushwack a fukin honky fo callin me a funkin coon
    put ya in a tomb leave ya rapped u fukin dummy
    stupid ass niggas mover around like fukin mummies
    the cream dont wait for you bitch u gotta chase it
    and on a mic or on this site u aint beatin me face it
    but i think thats a lie i just lost to met-a-4
    shit so horrible that the score is 1 to 4
    sorry five miscounted miseed one out the loop
    in a 16 max bar battle he threw 20 what a crook
    but i wont complain its my first game i dont feal saltty
    i'm rookie in this shit and fo my first turney i dint do auwfly
    i cant say that for hollywoodrealty
    ithink he's a vet but his ass became a casualty
    along with undead ninja which also got whopped
    i quote "there aint no such thing as half way crooks"
    he shoulda been alive he might have done betta
    but half dead half alive undead yea wat eva
    so i finish from sunny side florida where thuderstorm rule
    Even though shit dont go our way Wu-tang always Rule

    peace to the GODS AND THE EARTHS

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    Lord of the Perfect Black
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    Original Mind, Now Cee
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    Default Re: Official Freestyle Thread

    I got 12 inches to rule when the vinyil is cued
    ain't talked to Big Ben since his little seed was due
    I was known on these boards before the Sam 7 war
    then I dipped like 6 4 in Cali, now back for encore
    Bush hunt, I'm Bin Laden, tell me who want war?
    drown all marines, ironic bore through the core or corp
    gravediggaz horrorcore, pick, sickle, axe for more
    chopping devils' heads while keeping a level head
    place em in the backyard, crash houses of stacked cards
    my bricks thick with quick licks of flames in my moat
    my sick wit get chicks nips and dames in my boat
    no shame when I wrote my own name in my quote
    Born Ruler, I am the signature on dyed notes
    signed in blood red swaths, an oath to the living
    when we speak of soul and music, both should be living
    cats speak of death easily with no resurrection
    we fall one by one, the number measured in sections
    treasurin protection in the form of drug hazes
    but in the end police cameras where your mug gazes
    Black bodies packed in cells like slaves aboard ships
    once whipped and chained, now you sport chains and your whips
    still slaves to massa, no give us us free
    Amistad, I'm Cinque, knowledge self and bust free
    We are already dead, and are replaying our lives at the judgment.


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    Are U aware I ban @ will? MASTER PAI MEI's Avatar
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    Default Re: Official Freestyle Thread

    knowledge of self lets bust free,
    from the lust of the green we must learn to release the steam,
    as we fiend on clock call it a crock pot as our thoughts slopped,
    from the top they topple from peaks rocked the earth shocks,
    as the weight on the scales from our birth is skipped and dropped,
    sidewalks hop scotched we remain splotched as games on the asphault rot,
    baron lots bought from the pain of these diamonds that are sought,
    our wrists are wrought clasped and clocked wrapped till taunt,
    while BigBen and Born splash these slots with everlasting thoughts..

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    Default Re: Official Freestyle Thread

    micraphone fiend

    I write straight text from the dictionary/
    So in battles my enemies dont write rhymes i make them write there obituary/
    So itellectual i speak in binary/
    So people if my names too complex for u im a Bibliothecary/
    Still too complex? Dont bust a cappillary/
    My rhymes seep through/
    until your so clear i can see through/
    Expose your little idiosyncrances/
    The reason why chumps try to step to me is an inomilee to me


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    Default Re: Official Freestyle Thread

    my mental control the ocean, whole coast be warm frontin
    in my stateside show promotion while i aint sayin nuttin.
    and i aint convinced the jury could predict a vile mans actions
    roam the streets to the yard ruthless people form in factions
    and they be actin like micheal jackson turnin white from fear or a sword lashin
    cats call me bomberman cuz my word blastin left your minds eye collapsin
    in the early 90's you could find me puzzlin over nonfiction
    and my lyrical orgys you couldnt fuck wit, no competitions
    early stages of lunacy, middle school rhyme style diplomacy
    4 lines to 8 lines, slowly holdin chrome moldin trees
    i sip that potion at the first notion my boat keeps the ocean floatin
    only here do i sing a verbal boastin, in person i lay low keep the baggies open
    so when i get chiefed i release these unintelligable briefs
    the wu's beats, keep me motivated to speak so freely
    and i know i dont measure up
    rhymes resemble clusterfucks
    tension dropped liked acid dust
    that ass gets bucked from slaps and stuff

    oh yeah and i must mention my

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    Default Re: Official Freestyle Thread

    get high lay on your boat ....
    but your ryhmes wont keep you afloat.....
    there is more to this game than imagination...
    and floatation devices.....
    It requires skillz and i demand some shown
    dont want to pop your ..raft ..but you have no craft
    ..so feel the backdraft....as its ...blown down your back...
    ....keep coming back ...and feel the slap.....

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    Default Re: Official Freestyle Thread

    when six starts screamin', ass-first rappers start leavin'
    i aint one to be grievin' im helping them leave by gettin even
    even if it's dirty, the work must be put in
    interefere, i wouldn't, talk back you shouldn't
    or ill be swingin' like Ichiro holdin the wooden
    some say i'm evil, some think i'm even
    im still decidin' but for now, it's Treazon
    fire shots thru the wire like Kayne im always squeezin'
    fuck wit my team and, you be in rottin in a dumpster bleedin'
    but only if were baked or bored, millions of deaths vivid in my brain stored
    creativity spill to the page my thoughts pour
    Six possess the power to have rappers on all-fours, begging
    knees reddened, eyes wet whimpering like a shitty engine
    but ima never give in to the money, fame and glamour
    id rather point it to myself dummy, aim and fire
    im like a church fire comin' to tame the church choir
    like fuck your beliefs, Treazon can give a shit bout comic relief
    my reign is constant drama, stressin' rappers, infinite trauma
    fuck a fair one, and fuck honour, im here to win by any means
    trample many teams on my road to happiness
    rhymes come like the nappy of the nappinest
    you'll feel crappy yellin' clap me when my words clamp and trap ya
    come back wit some similies quick like i slapped ya
    wordplay when this son plays with words comin' at'cha
    crackin' backs wit blackjacks attached to staffs
    blast back on tracks laced macs attack ya...
    live and learn, dont be a bitch

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    Default Re: Official Freestyle Thread


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    Default Re: Official Freestyle Thread


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    Default Re: Official Freestyle Thread

    humped this chick who livin down my street...../
    cummed so hard i lost control of my feet.../
    fucked so long ill bet you couldnt compete.../
    with the stamina that aidz has when he's in heat.../
    im always in heat,...if u got big tits come sit next to me.../
    horny like a rabbit, call me "bugz" an strip down immediatly.../
    fuck so many girls its unbelievable.../
    stains on the ceiling,...nutted on the coffee table.../
    so much spuge released from wu hefner i bet i broke the world record.../
    fuckin so many ho's prolly got kids from here to manchester.../
    boys an girls who aint gettin child support.../
    they got enuf cuz they apart of my bloodline,...they're gonna dominate in every sport.../
    olympics better watch out,...hell i may as well start my own league.../
    of unbelievable fuckin porn star humpin machines.../
    my girls will all be queens.../
    leave u bunk ho's behind when they hit their "teens".../
    dont matter to me,...like i give a fuck,.../
    my boys will never be gay like your incesting kids teachin eachother how to buttfuck.../
    tired of rappin bout the same ol shit.../
    figured i'd switch it up a bit.../
    Idaho sucks dick.../
    i'll never be caught dead in boise "u can bet on it".../
    new "playboy", Im the one an only Wu Hefner.../
    issue after issue,..shit only gets better an better..../
    I turn your daughters into nymphos,...they go bisexual an get wetter an wetter.../
    gotta take all the damn picture's myself so u know i be gettin brains no matter the weather../
    mad cheddar in the porn biz.../
    once they eighteen your daughters move into my crib.../
    best place to live,...my mansion,.../
    fuckin A kid,...u seen me,...it's cuz im so damn handsome..../

    fuck,fuck,fuck,fuck,FUCK YALL MAHFUCKAZ

    PEACE an imout

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    Default Re: Official Freestyle Thread

    yeh yo its the Knight Voldron Steppin up bout to tear out ur vocal cords nahh mean

    yo yo The Black Hole/
    Has Fallen down on ya Earth/
    a Should have Cock-Blocked Ur Abbotts Game/
    To Stop u At Birth/
    The Knight Voldron Laced Up With God U'z/
    Tryin to Drop Science to these Cherry-Heads that Rob you/
    Smackin this crab cat in the back of Bojangles/
    Swipin off the DJ's Arms so theres Nuttin To Dance To/
    Holdin up the Gold Fronts to the cats with fish Raps/
    Sittin in G. P. A. with dusles an no gats/

    YO YO Tell me wat yall think bou that shit if yall dont get the meaning of this ill explain it for yall muthafuccaz. The StoryBook AKA Knight Voltron

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    Default Re: Official Freestyle Thread

    i come and i go.. actually im just busy as shit but whenever light one up at home ill drop something
    live and learn, dont be a bitch

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