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Thread: Official Freestyle Thread

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    double the white albums full of straight beatle acid rocks from columbia off the meat rack, so dope/fiends use glocks spent in circles as digital clock eyes on street crack. Break back slave nigga dope track cause "bitch I said 4 LP's", long song island style quick method of my mental milk for lyrically de-hydrated weak mc's. Bust the cheese skeet and slap down in grotest, shoot me with some stronger shit a.k.a. addict style with bullets to knock down niggaz who strut wit' no vest
    "white crane style"

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    immerse the violence of sound with the sex appeal to be profound that bump when thump like vocals and beats are lumped in the package the slackage not this rap age pick up the cup that got the juice you want not in the game to play like a flame go out with a spout from the sane who grout the pane letting the window be maimed now see the world outside as a peril not the pearl from oyster got taken like a coaster slam the drink on top while they mop when mope the life called drama too much can't cope take the prozac then get back many lows few highs yet all going for piece of pie with out any peace the death tolls streak like fire until we all perish like the friaR untuck not john i'm chocking and be gone
    Who be Whom

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    props to the cats keepin my freestyle files alive
    props to myself for bein amongst the illest top five.../
    shrap and ben,..aidz, Tuco an spoken.../
    rhymes so ill we leave u and all your bones broken.../
    PIR got this shit locked by far.../
    run, hide, whatever, we know where u are.../
    Sicka serves the rockstars and pushes the meanest cars.../
    spoken and shrap in the lab killin the lame and leavin mad scars.../
    BigBen the abbot of this shit hates the white man politics.../
    good luck ninjas, now get off the kings dick, read our shit and follow the mix

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    How they gonna stop me police watch him
    Like heís a villain in the street shotting

    What I spit is real they donít like me coz hes problem
    Check my rezzamay Ė rappaz in a deep coffin
    Bodies stone cold like steve Austin
    Shit between they teeth coz all they spit is keep flossin
    Im there enemy coz I educate the streets often
    Feed them knowledge Ė make the seed's blossom
    Quality rymes he got them
    Im off the meat rack like cheap motten Ė please stop him!
    Why they wanna conquer my soul Ė police lock him
    They hoped I rap about money and clothes
    But Iíve seen the cycle - we bleeding vital when demons rival
    They scheme to fight you and see you idle beneath the bible
    How can you be a road soldier / if your wisdom is week
    You wont change & donít want your kids to be them niggaz on street
    How strong can you really be if cigarettes hold you prisoner
    You trapped between the folds of your rizzler
    It only takes less then 1pence to get a £10 note made
    & you claim you no slave Ė material gain
    propane explode brains like cocaine in both lanes
    I seek no fame Ė
    Niggaz like to wear shackles / so I lynch mc with gold reins
    Bodies dangle of a choke chain
    Donít let some ones perception of you be how you perceive your self
    They think we pimps gangsta's & hoes after greed and wealth.....



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    furyan way beyond anything goin on.../
    nuttin but fuckin monsters makin sure rap never goes wrong.../
    rippin shows with mad flows, my clique is the bomb.../
    amazing how some of u UFO niggaz keep taggin along.../
    step to the vets, get blown off the set.../
    fuck the internet, your fam, your block an your corny ass set.../
    furyan and sicka firebombing all u toys, dumpin uzi clips an leavin u split.../
    I have no shame in hitting a bitch,.. it's what i just did cuz half yall aint shit


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    more than 11000 thousand cats have surfed this thread.../
    pay attention ninja,..it means cats are biting cuz all our lyrics been read.../
    nobody uses half yalls lyrics tho.../
    they're str8 up garbage,...U a buncha UFO's with absolutely no flow.../
    i should start droppin names and expose u chumps.../
    kick down your door and unleash death with 2 sawed off pumps.../
    knockin u niggaz out an leave you with permanant lumps.../
    and ima make sure u get jumped with those lyrics you try to dump.../
    who u tryin to fool dog, shit's notta game.../
    fuckin burn u alive the second u enter my domain.../
    u wont see shit comin,..all you'll feel is pain.../
    the 45. goes boom and paints the room with your brains..../
    so i better not hear any of u niggaz complain over your lack of skills.../
    talent aint somethin u got, ...you've never had it and you never will


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    Quote Originally Posted by SpOk3N
    Pleasant to be droppin some throwaways here again...

    I back hand slap biters that can't stand wrath's fire
    Enough magic to turn the shit your spittin into cramped diapers
    You cats like to administer jokes, but i finish the quote
    And leave your head crossed with wood like a sinister pope
    You livin exposed to drama, You know my soldiers harder
    And got more fire with the clips than explosive barbers
    You kept on blowin farther...Riding a dick quick
    like its the only thing keeping you from your homeless momma
    Blak Furyan manages to keep it real within
    So bringin bandages won't help you when he peels your skin
    The skill is ten times a mill, If you send rhymes to kill
    I will not sign the debt, and just get fined a deal
    All you kept-biting still, after every sentence i stated
    More punches than every single time I'm mentioned the greatest
    Sicka den Aidz is still killin you, rougher than the timberlands
    i used to kick you in your face, and snuffed you with..
    You didn't stand...
    My limits stand the test of time, a young vet, with the lungs kept
    at such a strong set, its no wonder he spits without one breath
    And i flow for days, years, centuries, mention me, I'm the sickest yet
    While I'm spittin free's you hear, jack, and put up on the internet
    I'm limitless, cowards run in fear when i walk thru the town, slow
    The lyricist purchased servents, and i bought you without loans
    I dare an emcee to tell me that I'm not as sick as their idol
    Cus this is the type of shit they dream about, and wishin they might do
    They'll never accomplish these words, my freeverse is a kick off
    I astonish all these cheap herbs, that re-turn for they lift off
    Like they jumpin into space, not even punchin thru the face
    The beef is too big to swallow, so they stomachs never safe
    When i run up to your place, dont you go for the rifle
    I'll let you meet God, you'll be another scroll in the bible
    This poet's recital is too deadly and evil
    He's clearly demented
    If you ready to let him deceive you, then
    You're hearin this sentence
    Give me a countdown, i'll kill you before you even get to nine
    If you needin better rhymes, just stop lookin, and i'll lend you mine...

    Tables Turn..Which Made it Worse, Engaged N' Searched..
    for a Way ta' Learn, how ta Take tha' Curse of the Weight of Earth
    Incase it Curved, and Strained my Nervous System..
    Rage it Burst, n' Explained in Words how ta Further Wisdom

    Take ya life plus ya afterlife -Bloodshed

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    ain't got no culture got it stolen by a clown named jasper, black representing words mentally venting white lines of a ghost named casper. Chained caged and barred minds scarred hotter than a deck of cards with no ace, sip'n tea where I be mentally physically and spiritually walk'n just flow'n through myspace. Do it again = research on ya town feel ashamed as you feel the results come through, abduct and de-fucked holla like a dead mc when my blade silently cuts you.
    Last edited by O3EY; 03-08-2006 at 12:06 PM.
    "white crane style"

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    forget it dude, yo, if i delete the quote or change it i gotta dump the sig cuz of the new rules, once i get em fused together ill pitch it. pe4ace

    im getting the pics fused, not the quote
    Last edited by $icka Than Aidz; 03-08-2006 at 05:00 PM.

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    ha ha ha..........
    AC 'da kidd' Chosen..Blast ya skin 'broken'..Rap in ya 'mist' smokin!..Have U clappin ya WRISTz HOPIN...
    On WUCORP I been slept on.. But still rose and quoted othaz spittin n smother'd- str8 flippin-a-rucuss!!..
    dun want me in ya clicc?.. I givez a WHAT nigg! cuz I bucc sick -> eruption happen -> ya besta ducc quicc..!
    SON i been thru MUCH SHIT!..punch holez in u like munchkinz! picc up tha flesh bitz force u to eat thru ya CUT LIP!!..
    snatch ya hoe..enter ya CUTLASS.. then FUCC BITCH.. leave her pregnated.. beggin to 'touch this'..ha..
    son I..RUSH wit punches..snuffin ya punkz..cuss' n' get jumped'..cuz ya been stuck..no ambulance..no chance ya live..
    I flo cancerous..stole handz of chipz..cashed for land n wipz..(and-ya-richez) yall been smashed by tha VANDALous disses....
    -> Last Word Cypha

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    like i really care,

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