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Thread: Official Freestyle Thread

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    put the flame to the cypher, spark it, illuminate the darkness
    like when the AR spits cartridges leavin artless artists heartless
    start shit with a hood wit a pound, get put in the ground
    got this hot shit locked and loaded you wont get off a round
    or last one, swift reaction, get your head smashed dun
    boney knuckles bout 2 open a can of whoop ass on
    any bitch in the vicinity, witness the fragility
    of these fake G's when they take 3, the trilogy
    of iron fists, im wirin bitches with fire and dick
    put a dime on the strip for hire to get ripped
    just for another stack, trife motha fucka rap
    yall dickridin faggots get up and suck a gat
    i bust the bat out, knock ya jaw out for nothin
    best believe when we make rock from raw its for somethin
    thats the cash rules everything around me, try clown me
    I guar-on-tee theyll never find the spot where you drowned B
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    Conjour Tricks, that Conquer Continents cuz Wnd is a "Proper Men"
    like fuckin Concerts in Compton, be n Big Ben be Sending lyrical Comets ta "Cock-Heads"
    Sicka den Aids Dealt the Constant Conflict with Death,
    cuz his Enemys don''t know the Difference between Common Sense n Confidence
    should of known there'd be a Consiquence, now ya'll just sum "Pawns in Chess"
    cuz ya'll Wack Heads in a Boxed in Fence, Best Option is ta know u were "not ta live"
    cuz ya parents didn't plan on the Condom ta Ripp... so consider ya shortly lived life a compliment

    Tables Turn..Which Made it Worse, Engaged N' Searched..
    for a Way ta' Learn, how ta Take tha' Curse of the Weight of Earth
    Incase it Curved, and Strained my Nervous System..
    Rage it Burst, n' Explained in Words how ta Further Wisdom

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    Best be down for the count dunny, dont look up
    lickin shots, scopin out emcees, keep your fingers crossed
    Locked n loaded ready to shake the jakes
    sugar coated, rappers just b dodgin snakes
    Im killin monsters, grippin a glock n a spliff
    Goin bonkers, decidin wether to b droppin a clip
    straight nasty shit, dooks gettin posterized
    war fronts in america, weak stomaches bess close der eyes

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    Bitches down my loads daily, all dimes hail me the mack
    Cuz' they know i got a knack for breakin' backs in the sac
    This dick be their snack, i never put it in the ass-crack
    But when i'm done they call me James Glover after i tap that
    Slap the thighs, get em' high then hurt em' wit pleasurable pain
    Pull chics without game, they lineup on the train for my number, and name
    Fresh pussy never the same, different shades, shapes, and sizes
    Positions iv'e mastered all, i'm a mattress banging' advisor
    Never hit em' the size of Rosanne, prefer them thin, and tan

    My evidence, my own testament, written on wood
    Twelve tribes layin at the head of corners in hoods
    Hell razah

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    yo son looks like you b over the hill
    McGwuire impersonator poppin performance pills

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    adore the steel, give brain to this gat, rainin wit caps
    die bitch, as you scream high pitched like Jadakiss laugh

    say bye snitch as i fire this black glock at your iris
    now you blind as a bat, oughta slap cock to your dime bitch
    must be a blind bitch if she was fuckin wit you
    musta been in that shit for the cash, just fuckin wit you
    fat clips in the stash, guess what they hold a lot fo
    yall gotta know, im comin through bangin all the block hoes
    if you hot to cockblock, catch a shot in your cock bro
    beefin wit me and livin somethin like winnin the lotto
    im in for the GWAP though, dont get it twisted bastud
    blink and youll miss watchin ya shit get snatched up
    watch off of ya wrist, plus the rangs off you's digits
    chang off ya neck, or must I bang off 2 digits
    worth of shots, bang off the teck, hurt the block
    like weight throwin, a takeover, merk ya spot
    yall jerks have got to be kidding bout ya pape earns
    if you eatin that good, oughta be shitting, got a tapeworm?
    "Lil Heater That Could", I think I think I think I can
    you think I can't? I click I click I click I blam
    aint talkin bout Saran when I say it's a wrap
    take a few of those bricks to weigh down the sack
    takin fewer coke bricks to lay down the trap
    swimmin wit the big fish you may drown in stacks

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    ayo, when its hot out i'm even colder
    ya bitch was juss so so so i had to throw her
    who told you i was an average client
    you know i'm not selling or pawning buying
    your the reason i'm leaving
    get at me, ya head i'm heaving
    with a ice pick stuck in yo brain
    i say your name then aim
    wrist lit up like a lamp
    got baseheads sucking on they amps
    what do you need
    everything to nothing i achieve countless flows b
    you got the down syndrome
    when ya head bangs the wall, all we hears thump
    heres how i roll
    first i gotta flow
    then i gotta hit em up like daps
    this city i jack, and it ain't new jack

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    downing H20 glistening goes the Au
    climaxed from erotic mental pictures you drew
    3rd eye and 6th sense wasn't obtained from school
    inherited your vengance from a clever gene pool
    blisters on your skin from the fires you ran thru
    sails estranged you from the unforgiving winds that blew
    deceived by masked culprits you thought you knew
    faces split from tossed empty bottles of brew
    sleepless nights of justifying the town of lewd
    belief of immortality surfaces from a mind thats so shrewd
    karma avenges trifling deeds you've done with your crew
    egos cutting checks unzip their pants preparing to screw
    another bird comes thanks to your handsome tree He grew
    pretty birds chirping bringing endless moods of blue
    all that glitters and shines eventually turns to pooh
    pounds drop had to stop can't think what to do what to do
    dusk 'til dawn strolling across street lawns
    no time to yawn gotta keep playing the pawn
    cold sweats drip past the lines that were drawn
    losing grasp of the time when you were a fawn

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    Tha Double-P


    u cannot compete wit da beat i be droppin
    its sleek obsolete and hip-hop poppin
    i flow like tha wind and swim like tha seas
    after u hear one line ull be fallin to yo knees
    its like a disease that spreads so rapidly
    when i start my rhyme, i leave no casualties
    gradually, ill make my way to you
    and when im through, ull be wishin u never knew
    what me an my homies just did to yo crew
    well bust through and stomp yall down
    ill make u kiss my shoes and shine my crown
    im the best, the illest hustla in town
    whats with the frown?
    u dont like bein stepped upon
    left, no mom, to save u dis time
    ur forced to be encountered by the rhyme
    thers no time for cryin wipe those tears
    then get the fuck up and grab me a beer
    u leave in fear no intentions of comin back
    u start to run i follow close behind, grab yo knapsack
    strike u in the spine, push u to the ground
    take out my nine, no one hears a sound
    round hole left in yo head, im guessin yous dead
    thats what u get for disrespectin my reign
    u lame little prick, i told u not to fuck wit
    the slickest rapper becuz im also insane

    sorry if its not that great dont have much experience

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    just home from hell with some stories to tell bout niggaz with crushed skullz and topless bitches locked in cells.../
    u dont wanna see where i been, throw u into toxic shock.../
    demon's will fuck u so hard you'll forget how to walk.../
    so dont talk, im one of those devils.../
    come here from time to time, take u to the highest levels.../
    u aint shit, my realm is fire brimstone for days.../
    get on your knees, im the rap kali ma Sicka than aidz.../
    rip your heart out your chest then set fire to your flesh.../
    make your fam eat whats left of the melted mess.../
    of a holocaust to rappers, cept im out to kill all man kind.../
    the only thought i get when your around is "chop his head off an fuck his girls behind.../
    sawed off shotgun fuck u up sun,..cant run,...blam your done.../
    aint fun when that fuckin buckshots chasin your ass.../
    street sweep your corner an leave your whole hood dead in the grass.../
    i aint fuckin kiddin, tie u to my whip an zip down the strip.../
    strip u naked first and see how many speed bumps i can hit.../
    u fucks think your all that,...fine wit me, keep lyin to yourself,.../
    dont hurt your self boy cuz i wont answer your cry's for help.../
    u should do your self a favor an sell your computer.../
    chop off your hands or something, u need a rap tutor.../
    and it aint gonna be me because i dont give a fuck bout none of yall.../
    wrote this shit in less then ten minutes, the whole time i was scratchin my balls.


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    Me n SickaLeave Deep Slits, equipped with Deadly Adhesive's
    thats spittin "Hotness" like Heat Vents
    How come they Seem Tense, Problems Come with believe'n
    Make em Bleed Flesh then they Flee Death
    Cuz Hatas felt what they "thought " Like He was Readin'
    These Fools think they can compete in Spits
    but how is that if they won't Come Meet da Kids
    We be Obsolete with Scripts, wit no Real Weaknesess
    Ending each Existence With, Defeat from our Convince'n Spits
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    Tables Turn..Which Made it Worse, Engaged N' Searched..
    for a Way ta' Learn, how ta Take tha' Curse of the Weight of Earth
    Incase it Curved, and Strained my Nervous System..
    Rage it Burst, n' Explained in Words how ta Further Wisdom

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpOk3N
    Thanks O3EY...

    Are u in the Miami Area? I've seen O3EY On alot of walls as of late....curious to see if that was you

    i think he is that dude obey, makes stickers an clothes an shit, i stole his avy on a different site an waste12(montreal fag) turned it into a cookie monster

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    u guys are dumb

    graff artists make that shit, u actually think O3eu is that good that peeps be paintin his face all over, they have one of everybody even bob ross!

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    Anotha muthafucka say "Crunk" I'll kill em.
    That shit is wack.

    Check it out.
    Wreck ya fuckin tech like a malicious comp virus
    I blast and snap ya head back like infections of the sinus
    like linus, I pack a blanket wherever I go
    the cops don't know
    that in it lies the heat that blows
    ya fortress up like ballistic missiles
    it sticks just like a bristle
    drop the body in the river
    knowin ya family miss you
    here's the issue.
    Ya pop shit, makin ya mouth spit,
    involuntarily. Pink mist all over tha cement.

    Offa that fake gansta shit. Drop a hot 16 and toss away the clip.

    I smash rappers sayin that they spit the best//
    and now they hearts soundin like gorrillas beatin they chest//
    Bitch you kno you dont even show tha true hip-hop//
    1-2, ya don't stop until my verse gets dropped//
    at ya show, see ya shakin wit the mic in ya grip//
    this be the 6th shot, now I got 10 in the clip.//
    Crack ya lips, but nothin comes out,
    ya coughin up blood.//
    Now what's that you said about my bombs bein duds?//
    Verse blast like luger's rip mic's like Freddy Krueger.//
    I do ya. Then throw ya rotten corpse into a sewer.//
    I can't be deflected by crosses, or garlic,//
    ya harmless, my darts make holes in metal armors.//
    I come brandishin weapons tha sever ya fuckin skeletons//
    Im evidentally blastin ya presence back to the essence//
    and ya guessin that im testin ya will. Don't try to flatter me//
    I zap ya fuckin energy like opposites of batteries//

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