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    wu members have mentioned 52 blocks on many verse. i was wondering who in the wu fam actualy practiced that style or if they know someone who does.

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    52 handblocks- martial arts.

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    If it even exists, which is unsure, the ones that have been to prison would be the one to check for. Its not a general term for martial arts, but supposdly a secret jailhouse boxing system.
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    It exists... good luck learning it though. It's been said to have originated in Africa, believed to have been derived from the same martial art Capoeria was derived from (whatever that may be). Widely unknown, it's mostly learned and practiced in prison. It's also called "Jailhouse Rock". The "52" in The 52 handblocks is a metaphor that comes from the card game, you throw the deck of 52 cards and "Let the cards fall where they may" which is a metaphor for the techniques. The dance style called "Up-Rocking" which utilizes the reverse of Capoeria's footwork has maneuvers found in The 52 Handblocks. Mike Tyson knew some 52... watch his fights for unorthodox methods and you can see 52. It is mainly a striking system but does have "Swipes" (foot sweeps) and "Gangsta Locks" (No lie, that's the name) which are similar to Wing Chun's Sticky Hands techniques. There is no peer review, let alone documentaion of this fighting method so I'm certain you will find vast variations of techniques and priniples in each prison.

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    method man used to do the dance alot in the old wu-videos. check out bring the pain video.

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