has article has talking bout his album dropping in 2007.

in an effort to end speculation Raekwon has confirmed exclusively to that he has indeed inked a deal with Dr. Dre's Aftermath Records. Also, Method Man recently revealed that the Wu-Tang Clan is in fact working on a new group album.
"It is a privilege to be signed to a label such as Aftermath," the Chef stated to SOHH. "I am honored to be working with Dr Dre. I look forward to releasing my album, Only Built for Cuban Linx 2 in 2007, which will feature production from Dr Dre, The RZA and other legendary producers. Get ready for the New York takeover!"
In a recent interview with, Mef also made it known that he's tired of merely talking about recording a new disc and that a new album is definitely in the works.
"We ain't gonna talk about shit, we just gonna go in and work. Knock some shits out," said the Shaolin MC. "Then whatever other Clan members wanna join in, come on. I'm just gonna set it off, fuck talking. I'm going in, I'm laying the hooks, I'm fucking doing the verses. If niggas don't like the hooks, redo the hooks over, as long as we got something. It's time man, fuck this shit. I don't give a fuck if we don't sell another fucking record, as long as we do this. We gotta do this album for us."
The yet to be titled project would be the Clan's first studio album since Iron Flag in 2001.