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Thread: New Killah Priest interview

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    Default New Killah Priest interview

    ILLHILLeast.com had the chance to speak with legendary Wu Tang
    Affiliate Killah Priest.
    We spoke about his new albums, acting, a Wu break up,
    the Four Horsemen project with Canibus, Ras Kass and Kurupt, growing
    up in Bed-Stuy and much, much more. Read for yourself...

    What's good man?

    (Killah Priest)
    I'm just chillin' man, just chillin'.

    Man on the move...

    (Killah Priest)
    Yeah, man, I'm on the grind hard right now, like a pit.

    I know you got a track on your album called B.I.B.L.E,
    produced by your producer the 4th Disciple.
    I wanted to know what inspired you to make that track?

    (Killah Priest)
    Just my study through life, growing up you know getting
    invovled with different aspects outside of church itself.

    What was it like growing up in Bed-Stuy?

    (Killah Priest)
    Growing up in Bed-Stuy was a beautiful thing.
    Especially in Hip-Hop. You had your greats, your fighters,
    your talented emcees, your break dancers, poppers, pop
    lockers, To me, growing up in Bed-Stuy was my life.
    It was everything that made me who I am. Gates ave.
    That was definitely a street that I lived on before
    I moved up out.

    Out of all the tracks you have recorded, what is the
    track that you listen to like it was brand new?

    (Killah Priest)
    It's a couple of them I really like,
    I would have to say "Salvation," it's a
    very good song I can always listen to.

    Why was the Four Horsemen Ep never released?

    (Killah Priest)
    Everybody is so busy. We all real busy and when it came
    up to me, Kurupt, Ras Kass and Canibus, I guess everybody
    was just crazy busy. Running around doing their own thing,
    but we took like two months to go out to Cali to finish a
    couple of joints. I guess when we get everybody on the same
    page we'll release it. I got the Horsemen written on the
    new album so that should be a treat for people.

    What do you think the Hip-Hop game lacks?

    (Killah Priest)
    It lacks the level of art. I think things are getting redundant now.
    I think people are just going out there just to do songs and radio
    is just playing them to play them. It lacks the orginial love of art,
    it needs a little more conscious awareness.
    I think Hip-Hop is a lovable art form and it lacks that now.

    In 2000 you did some acting.
    How did you get the role in "Boricua's Bond"?

    (Killah Priest)
    I get approached by a lot of directors,
    like right now I'm out in Cali. I guess they like my spirit
    and my personailty. I guess I always looked like I could act.
    I'm about to do another movie I'm playing a gangsta.
    It's all about sitting with the directors and he definitely
    picked me out. I have a lot of respect for actors, it's another
    art form. I'm not a person that loves to be out there.
    It sounds kind of funny cause I'm a Leo.
    when I do things I like to do things with me and that person.

    When did you first meet Gza?

    (Killah Priest)
    I first met Gza, this was way back in the early 80's out in Bed-Stuy.
    It was a guy name Sundrop that brought Gza around the block.
    He was a talented emcee and at that time I was just a fan of all rap
    music period. I was getting every album I could get. I would go buy the
    records, I wasn't even buying tapes and all my groups of friends were
    into that and they started small groups. Gza came along and he was
    somebody that I looked up to.

    What was life like after Wu tang split up?

    (Killah Priest)
    I got to be exposed to a lot of more things.
    I was always doing my own thing. It didn't really affect me like that.
    At a young age getting a record deal out of nowhere not even expecting
    it, being in the studio having to do a whole album by yourself, not
    really knowing how to articulate, you know, put it together.
    But you know you got tons of rhymes. It didnt affect me that much,
    splitting up the Wu, I don't think the Wu split but basically just
    holding down the fort. Everyone is doing their thing and everyone has
    their differences like every big group, and I never forgot the format
    that got us here. That ingredient lies in me. I don't get mad when
    people talk about 50 Cent dissing Ghostface, in that nature, I don't
    get offended. I just know how to stratigize to the rightiousness.
    And that is what we stand for, rightiousness. The wicked has been pushed
    up for so long, we have been indulging that for so long that it got be
    a part of our nature, our DNA. Sometimes we have to move that out and
    push a new rim to Hip-Hop which is straight right.

    What cameos do you have on "The Offering?"

    (Killah Priest)
    I got Nas on there. I got the Queensbridge Nas on "The Offering,"
    Immortal Technique on "The Offering," Ras Kass, Canibus and the Maccabeez.

    It's goin down!!!

    (Killah Priest)
    Yeah, a lot of people want to see me with alot of powerful lyricist,
    so I did it. How many lines must I speak? How many rhymes must I show
    a technique. How many metaphors how many letters in all.
    How many times I must prove?
    "The Offering" is gonna be a classic from the get go. I've been telling
    everybody this and that is how it is with great things that come.

    A lot of critics are stating that Hip-Hop is dying.
    How do you feel about that?

    (Killah Priest)
    I think the art form of rap music is dying, I dont think that Hip-Hop
    in a whole is dying, the art has definitely been dead. You see what radio
    is doing the same thing they're doing to jazz music, the same with blues.
    They are trying to suffocate it with all this pop.
    Once the companies get involved they push all these fake, non talented
    people. I would say rap music is dying. that's why my album is rebelling
    against that. It's going to be a breath of fresh air.
    I'm not trying to make a radio song, I want to make money, yes indeed,
    but I love the quality. I dont have to perform a of couple of lines of
    my talent to make that. There are lives outside that big ass corporate

    So, what's next for Killah Priest?

    (Killah Priest)
    I got the "Midnight Offering," I got two albums in stores, maybe three,
    I'm going to get into acting and stuff like that and then I'm going to
    push out all the artists, and I got female artists to push out.
    I got the "Midnight Offering" I'm going to push out next.
    "The Offering" could've been a double album. Next is Grace.
    I may have a special guest Anthony J. Hilger me and him doing shows out
    here in Cali.

    Killahpriest.com will be back up soon. The Offering prelude.
    I'm glad that's out there now, I got t-shirts, "The Offering" will
    be hitting stores in a minute, man.

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    My Eyes!!!1!1!!

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    Killah Priest is the shit..

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    The Offering has been hailed as a classic for years now it seems........

    and its not out yet.

    im just playin KP is one of my fav emcees but damn...

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