SPANISHDYAMOND02 (6:40:23 PM): hey there. i need 2 talk 2 ya
Se7enEleMenT (6:40:34 PM): about what
Se7enEleMenT (6:40:36 PM): not now
SPANISHDYAMOND02 (6:40:49 PM): well Gato hit me up this morning
Se7enEleMenT (6:40:55 PM): and?
SPANISHDYAMOND02 (6:41:21 PM): and he had told me that he sent you a PM on da Wu board but never got back at him
Se7enEleMenT (6:41:34 PM): yo i got a life outside the net
Se7enEleMenT (6:41:39 PM): the fuck you want me to do
SPANISHDYAMOND02 (6:41:59 PM): i don't know. i was just telling you that
SPANISHDYAMOND02 (6:43:02 PM): then he had said that u were a snake and was talking behind his back and stuff and i told him that wasn't true and hat u would never do that
Se7enEleMenT (6:43:15 PM): i dont care about him
Se7enEleMenT (6:43:21 PM): he does not pay my bills
Se7enEleMenT (6:43:26 PM): why should i care what people say about me
Se7enEleMenT (6:43:29 PM): i dont care
Se7enEleMenT (6:43:32 PM): thats high school shit
Se7enEleMenT (6:43:35 PM): leave me alone
SPANISHDYAMOND02 (6:47:15 PM): ok. i'm gonna go for a while so i can LEAVE u alone. but that's what he said and i don't wanna uspet him and shit. so if he hits me baq i won't even mention you or your good nature. i halla baq in a few mintues cause i feel so damn VIOLATED!!!!!!!!!!!

all i was trying to do was be peacemaker and find a resolution like my gyrl Aaliyah would say but it's not good enuff


First of all... how the fuck am I a snake? We never had a real conversation?
Two, you telling this shit to ShyChica....
Three , if you had an issue with me you should of told me directly
the fuck is your problem...

thus being said... I will no longer post here.. Peace to all of you!