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Thread: Dont Know But I'll Call Dis M I L F

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    Question M I L F

    damn wut da fuck.. trippin out ... i luv weed dat is brown .. makin out my own sounds.. like cereal ; fruity loops is my alternate source 4 ... music.. just luv 2 use it .... i be makin sounds so stupid... and let them come alive... as if it were mummified ... painted a picture dat when da light is on... do not come .... inside .... or wuz it da other way i dont know im high .. .. i need a light ... 2 show u my life.... and da way i write..... sip and wait ... or wuz it 2 late... erase da mistake... fuck it throw it away... da other day just got laid ... nice piece of ass... we smoke out and had a blast.... shit i wuz her first and last... had her on my lap.... she wuz fucken not on her rag.... so .. every thing wuz quite amazing... had her screamin tellin me she wanted my baby ... also... she licked da nuts yo.. !!!. so wonderful... guess wut.. i wuz wit her cousin though ;yup a stuck up hoe... like biggie smalls : unbelievable... produced by dj premier... back 2 da lesson ... of 2 day... dis girl.. wuz nothing sheer so i gave her a beer .... it wuz weird... sum sort.. miscalculation... devasting melo dramatic depression.. change her .. .. out of da blue... had me guessin.. when out of nowhere... started caressing.... she told me ..... suggestions... as if she were a secretary... answering receptions... and i wuz da boss.. she let me toss... had her ... up on top.... we fucked till we dropped.... i called all da shots.... pimped her .. then took her 2 her moms.... Her booty wuz da bomb... had her walking wrong.... she got n trouble....i needed a body double... i forgot 2 use da rubber....

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    Default Re: Dont Know But I'll Call Dis M I L F

    Your flow is starting to make sense, nice verse. Well placed ,i like to stoping effect that seems to be in you verses-gives it its own momentum. Nice verse. A don't use that "what should i call it" its not right think that by yourself.


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