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Thread: Why'd You Bastards Make Me Do This?

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    Default Why'd You Bastards Make Me Do This?

    I rip microphones and shred amps when I spit
    Victimize ya click, trick you pricks into thinkin' you slick
    Secreted the rhyme, rise again from the ashes like a phoenix
    More sick and twisted than a mutated double helix
    Thought they was too big to see how I evolved
    So I advanced till my rhymes held more weight than Star Jones
    Y'all know I poisoned the pope, pissed in his Holy Water
    Rocked Gibralter, and popped Jerry Fawell at the altar
    These government snitches try to keep the larynx sedated
    But just like two-minute pickup games, they bound to get played quick
    Slay you if ya draggin' (get it?), I keep my jeans saggin'
    Have ya A&R so broke he's earnin' dough grocery baggin'
    Slackin' like Jay and Silent Bob, y'all ain't bout to toss me off
    Ain't a fuckin' winner, you were never a playa and still lost.

    "Got heat for everybody/watch the microphone burn..."

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    Default Re: Why'd You Bastards Make Me Do This?

    I like the references to the Pope and farwell

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    Default Re: Why'd You Bastards Make Me Do This?

    Oh shit we all still here. The warriors of the temple of darts. We need to get some verses together.

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