The other day I was talking to this guy and we started talking about Elijah Muhammad and he said, "Oh come on! That guy was so full of shit! All he did was put the mental illness of racism on niggas." And I was like, "he inspired me to live healthier and work harder," and this guy says, "You've always been that way damnit! Are you that brainwashed?" And I realized he was right. I've always tried my best. I'd probably be heading where I'm heading with or without reading Message to the Black Man. This guy continued ranting, "I see all these niggas talking about how much the Nation of Islam did for them but their still fucked up. Their either on drugs still or if their clean they're bitter and their reliant on his every word, even though the nigga's dead." I wanted to tell him he was wrong, but y'know I coudn't. As far as I can see, I couldn't find anyone else but me who had been completely set in a right direction by him. And when I look at some of these brothers, he really fucked them up. You know he had good economic and health teachings, which Marcus Garvey already did before him, but this wierd alternate history he created has fucked up black people. Now all you niggas so busy believing Moses chased whitey to the mountains or whateva that you dont know about Mansa Musa and shit like that that concretely happened. And some of you niggas talking eugenics shit when you should be building up, making money and helping better the community. I want to believe in him but I can't. So I'm asking you brothers and sister, what have you gained from Elijah Muhammad's teachings? What concrete change have they made in your lives? I'm not talking knowledge of self and stuff for you guys who actually believe the 5% and black muslim stories but actual, concrete shit he did for you mentally. Am I the only one, who was destined to reach for success anyway, to gain from him?