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    Default sOLOISt Vrs FuRYaN {THA HOLY WAR}

    I thought id make a seperate thread for this and post whut we allready skripted.....
    ill send my refute next.....pps is floodin tha other thread......


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    Default Re: sOLOISt Vrs FuRYaN {THA HOLY WAR}


    yo, Christ the King a minor prophet?/ how come He performed more myricals than any other that God sent?/ yall preach peace but muhamad killed anyone who claimed Christian/ aint that a corrupt religion?/ don't you know your accountable for your sinnin?/ livin like theirs no afterlife/ dont you know the Sacrifice payed for our sins, which you couldnt even pay half the price/ my Master Christ owns the key to Haydes and Heaven/ and when we leave this planet you'll have to step to Him/ then youll reside in one of the two sections/ if you dont accept Him/ youll be thrown with the wretched/


    By tha will of Allah
    Jesus performed miracles....cured tha dead

    but them people who were revived were still subjected to death
    Tha greatest miracle is tha Quraan sent for tha whole of mankind & is with us today
    "Tha most prolific literature on this earth" qouted from a "born again"
    Jesus is highly respected in tha fold of Islam as prophet....not tha son of god
    This born again never done his job
    to seek knowledge on tha prophets and tha message they dropped
    That theres none worthy of worship but God
    this dude is just another pea-in-tha-pod
    Where in tha bible does it say Jesus is god
    palm thru your psalms as i refute this born again wid indigenous charm
    did Jesus call himself a christian....coz im a man of evidence so wheres tha proof
    your knowledge berely leaves a crack in tha roof
    if he was sacrificed for our sins....how can we be born sinners.....
    ....a contradiction amongst other like Bishops touching kids benieth covers
    Paul a self appointed appostle wrote three thirds of tha bible...& this aint wrong
    ....he use to slaughter christians and this is who you base your faith on
    Tha church fathers were architects of aparthieds arrangement
    gave slave masters biblical justification for black enslavement
    left a whole nation as residual cripples
    painted tha beloved Jesus in their own image and visuals
    ....white Jesus....indoctrinated tomorrows youth
    told tha field nigguh suffer today & god will reward you with truth - after death in tha name of christianity dread....depravity spread....
    ....& that aint even a fraction of tha mess
    christianty was Islam before it became a corrupted text
    with incorporation of scholars, greate thinkers and a couple of poets
    Tha final prophet came and went but left behind Allah's miracle
    Tha noble Quraan....dethronin your psalms and dark rituals......


    the only person born from a virgin/ the only person to fully defeat the serpent/ who had love for his enemies/ who froze the pharacies/ who walked on water/ Who never upset the Father/ who fed five thousand off a few fish and bread/ who was falsely persectued and didnt seek revenge but instead/ never complained when the slashed Him red/ put thorns through His head/ crucified Him and thought He was dead/ but after three days He ressurected!/ now you tellin me thats a normal human/ there must have been somthin more than His strength runnin through Him/ He aint just ah messenga'/ its gonna be sad when you step to tha Lord im tellin ya/ cuz the Rapture could happen this minute/ and i'd dissapear leavin this text unfinished/ you'd have seven years left of livin/ tribulation with satan commandin' the anti Christ who rulin the Nation/ deception of how Christian just went out like poof!/ like he gonna give you false conception like by aliens were were swooped/ yall best get in touch with the truth/or life on earth will be the best thing thats ever happened to you/ like its good here! ha thats sad to know/ but thats how it has to go/ give Christ the glory and youll last fasho



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    Default Re: sOLOISt Vrs FuRYaN {THA HOLY WAR}

    lmao, man my friend told me about this site a while back, and im just going to say...that his name was solohist, and who eva soloist is, is a lil ho, cuz he aint shit. oh and i wasn't on this name back then...

    Tables Turn..Which Made it Worse, Engaged N' Searched..
    for a Way ta' Learn, how ta Take tha' Curse of the Weight of Earth
    Incase it Curved, and Strained my Nervous System..
    Rage it Burst, n' Explained in Words how ta Further Wisdom

    Take ya life plus ya afterlife -Bloodshed

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    Default Re: sOLOISt Vrs FuRYaN {THA HOLY WAR}

    since im christian, im voting for the muslim. Fire rhymes. knowledge. had better points. Youre givin christians a bad name by challenging other religions....

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    Default Re: sOLOISt Vrs FuRYaN {THA HOLY WAR}

    i dont wanna go to hell so ima go with blak cuz he didnt mention to much "eternal damnation an hellfire" so i like allah or whoever, muhammed better...i guess......over all both were excellent but i think blak took a better angle buy rapping about the beauty of his religion and not the afterlife so much......maybe it was just cuz he rapped with bold green letters, i dont know,this ones hard to vote on cuz both were structured well,...maybe u shouldnt be a faith rapper soloist,...rap music doesnt even sound right,...i dont know, hiphop an religion combined doesnt seem cool to me......prolly cuz it would just go commercial and it would wind up g-g-g-g-gesus unit or some bullshit...sorry for flooding...

    yo, blak like i said, took a better angle cuz i like hearing that im luved forever no matter who or what i do...regardless of belief, u can count this or not. peace...

    yo, i used to ride for the "church of skatan", when i was a kid but my grandparents thought skateboarding was to dangerous so i had to drop my sponsorship,...i unno if that helps but yeah,...i was a mean ass skateboarder at one time, still am if i wanna be. i like snowboarding better. thats why i ride for the Mt. baker snowboard shop an the OSF crew, "outlaw scum fucks"....Wu Tang 4Ever! peace

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