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Thread: I Know How To Make You Feel Good (For the ladies...)

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    Default I Know How To Make You Feel Good (For the ladies...)

    I Know How To Make You Feel Good

    Come over here baby and let me to make you feel good
    Lets speak in a language that is always understood
    The touch
    Come sit… so I can show you that I love you so much
    Sit between my legs on a pillow and pass the comb
    I got the grease… now relax and allow my fingers to roam
    Over your scalp as I place a part next to your ear
    Very gently I allow your naked flesh to appear
    Softly combing your hair up and down to separate
    This is bonding to me… as we physically communicate
    I dab some grease on my fingers and massage it in your skin
    Your forehead rises as I witness you grin
    We’re quiet… but I’m scratching you clean of your dandruff
    These are the moments in life that I see a gift
    I get to the top and have to work a little harder
    Crack jokes about your kitchen needing a little water
    Now I’m done but I gotta comb it all to the back
    Rub your ends down then massage the front to your scalp
    Help you up and smack your ass to get a quick touch
    You bend over to give me a kiss and tell me that you love me so much
    I clean up the stray hairs and throw ‘em away
    Then we just chill out and enjoy the rest of the day

    I'll record it, if I can get the children out of the house long enough this evening.

    "Read everything, listen to everybody, don't trust anything unless you can prove it with your research." - William "Bill" Cooper
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    Default Re: I Know How To Make You Feel Good (For the ladies...)

    ...i liked this because it was pretty simple... it was straight to the point... i could see it vividly through out... i read very easily and the flow was nice... just a good solid verse... i can't say that anything stands out to me but it was nice... keep writing...

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    Default Re: I Know How To Make You Feel Good (For the ladies...)

    the intimacy is felt in this one with out having any descriptive sexual content!!!!

    Peace Blackw.i.s.d.o.m.

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    Default Re: I Know How To Make You Feel Good (For the ladies...)

    The most soothing and sensual touch of all ...

    I don't even have to tell how much I feelin' this one ... cuz you already know the deal ... lol ... I think it's just amazing how you can take something that most people would consider to be so simplistic, and turn it into a beautiful and meaningful work of art. Your Queen definitely has a true King by her side. One who know just how "big" the "little" things can be .

    Peace be unto you B',

    I sew...
    beautiful seeds that sprout flowers that’s deeply rooted
    your weak style-diluted with concepts that’s so polluted
    my words flourish, creating jewels the conscious will cherish ...

    -- Dae Ja Nae


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    Default Re: I Know How To Make You Feel Good (For the ladies...)

    It was a smooth verse. well placed and captivating. Nice verse. Very omnipresent and clear as what you wanted to express.


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    Question Re: I Know How To Make You Feel Good (For the ladies...)

    True / True // Sick Ass Verse!!! Wuz Pretty Deep ./// Knew Wut U Were Talkin Bout W/o U Givin It Away// Good Shit.... /// I Should Take Notes.... {applauds}

    Peace Out !! {blaze It }!

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