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Thread: Method Man in Boston

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    Default Method Man in Boston

    Anyone hittin this show up??

    11/07/2006 10:00 pm - avalon, boston, ma 02101

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    nah but im hittin tomorrow show in Ft.Lauderdale FL with Deck, Masta, Saigon and KRS ONE

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    Default 2 more days

    2 mo days...fuk i cant wait

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    Just got back from the show... isht was bangin. I'll post a full review tomorrow. my ass needs to get to bed.

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    Fuk..I am finally fully recovered from the show. Here is my full review.
    Some dudes named Terminology opened up. These were some local cats. Their stage presence was kinda wak but their lyrics were on point, still something was lackin.

    Then some dudes from North Carolina performed, I forgot the name. I wasn't feelin them at all. Their beats belonged on MTV. There were 3 dudes.

    Next a local group came up. Some crew called "somethin Men". I couldnt tell who was in the crew and who wasnt...cuz they had bout 39 heads on stage. Same isht as the previous group. just a bunch of yellin and screamin.

    Aite..now to the good shit. First Allah Math comes out nonchalantly and starts gettin his DJ isht together. Sad thing is no one knew who he was except for me and one other dude. There were mad posers down low. how the fuk did cats who didnt know who allah math was get down there? Then while he is setting up, I over hear a conversation about how some dudes didnt know who Masta Killa was. These dudes shoulda been in the back.

    Finally MK rolls out. He spits his verse from Dual of the Iron Mic. Then he drops No Said Date (which i think is his best solo track to date.) again, the crowd seems kinda lost. He goes on to do Ringing Bells, Grab The Mic, Digi Warfare, Brooklyn King. MK was on point. It was the first time i had seen him perform this close up. he is jus as ill live as he is on CD.

    Then Allah Math asks the crowd what the first Wu-Tang single was. A couple cats yell proteck ya neck..and Dek comes running out and drops his verse. He goes on to do his verse from For Heavens Sake, That Nigga, Assasination Day verse, rec room and a couple others. Dek def brought it. in between songs...he told the crowd he could beat any one of their favorites rappers in a 1 on 1 battle.

    Lights go out and the intro to 4:21 starts playing (Make Marijuana Legal)...grimey ass beat, i luv it. Meth comes out and continues the song. He goes on to do M.E.T.H.O.D. MAN, bring the pain. then he introduces street life. meth did mad songs: All I need, what the blod clot, is it me, ya meen, fall out, judgement day, suspect chin niggaz w/ SL, judgement day, da rockwilder, ice cream, how high, say, grid iron rap w/SL, dirty mef, problem. meth def has the best stage presence of any rapper. during most rap shows, the dudes are outta breath after the first 3 songs...and the rest of the show they sound like shit. meth was all over the place, in the crowd, he went in the back and jumped on top of the bar. u def get yo moneys worth from a meth show.

    Then MK and Dek came back out, in what I think was the best part of the show. They dropped Triump, Wu Tang Clan aint nothin to fuk with (MK did RZa's verse..shit was hot), CREAM, jump off, do you really, shame on a nigga. then they did an ODB be tribute, played shimmy shimmy ya'll with the crowd singing along. THen the highlight of the show...allah drops the booklyn zoo beat. meth drops the first 2 lines, then MK takes the next 2, then DEK, then street, back to meth...etc. for the entire song. reminded me of deadly melody from the forever CD. it was so banging. if anyone recorded that, post that isht up if not MK, Street, Dek and meth should go into the studio and record it!! it was fukin amazin.

    Only song i wish they did, was Vendetta from dek's Movement cd. I kept yellin at Dek for it. he kept lookin back at me with some snister ass smile. overall the show was easily worth $25. they did all the classics and the good new ihst. i woulda paid $100 for a show like that.

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