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Thread: Love Me or Hate Me

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    Quote Originally Posted by "SiCkARoCkS" View Post
    i only got 2 i think faggit, i cant log off an make anymore, $icka an sicka. u seen all the threadz ive made, i quit makin em cuz no one was replying to them. u think i wanna talk to u ed, hell no u a bitch. keep talkin u lil faggit annoying people like u get no luv, i dont remember ever kickin it wit a fag like u, your gonna get tossed out this group once a mod openz their dam eye'z and relise this is like your final destination. punkz like u dont get that much attention anywhere else u shouldnt be gettin it here. your fired in my book ed. bon voyage
    you dont remember kicking it with a fagit like me? so you hang out with faggits...that arent like ed?" lawls. pwnt .......anyway sicka how is your rehab coming? plan on making us a new rehab thread you crazed pipe smoker? anyway dood dont be mad at me dood........its not part of the 12 steps........lawls go do a beer run.

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    I dont hate you but Im closing your thread.

    p.s. his account is legit

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