We bang so hard
youll fly your way to the graveyard
and nigga don't forget, to send me a postcard
from the 6 feet down boulevard
yeah it's so hard, for ya
wanna get on my level
i'll be punchin' and yo be throwing pebbles
I'm the Devil
If i wanted to defeat you
i don't need god's approval
and we ain't never gon' stop
till momma tits drop
if we were race cars
we don't need the motherfucking pit-stop
or anything else
cuz we the best
yous just a weakiling like the rest
of this local rappas
i don't give a fuck if you wanna attack us
bring the whole army along
we just won't stop pumpin' tha speakas
so what yall little brittle people gon' do to me?....
This is TZA motherfucker...
ain't stopping for shit
this is true shit
true shaolin shit