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Thread: who want's to battle

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    Default who want's to battle

    no rules everything goes what ever u need to say to get ur point across
    no limit on lines.

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    my homeboy JNINE is going to battle you, alright

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    something's wrong with his computer so he's going to battle under my name, alright.

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    Default Re: who want's to battle

    Infiniti, with a name like that you'll never lose your virginity. My rhymes will teach a lesson, they're historic, lemme ask you question, it ain't rhetoric.
    I'll slice you up with a lyrical sword, leave you mind going back and forward. Spit acid in every direction, cross you up call you intersection.
    Spit flames with the Ronin Ninja, If you were a sign I would've never seen ya. To me you invisible, you have no right to be critical of my lyrical mentals
    I'll get my point across and rip you up like you mama's bras. I'll light you up like 4th of July and beat you ass like this was Budokai.
    Listen to Knowledge, pass a class and go to college.
    For all you dumbasses, take you to battle school. You'd still be using homework passes if I was to give em out to classes
    Fail at everything in life, all depressed. "where's that knife". My flow is nice, no sugar and spice, beat you not once not twice but thrice. Come back when you done with the masturbation, let me be through with this obliteration

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