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Thread: Honors Promise - Bronze Nazareth f. Wisemen

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    Default Honors Promise - Bronze Nazareth f. Wisemen

    Intro: Bronze (Kevvlar)

    There was a million and one people. (Yo)
    (But it's kinda good to see that you know?)
    (But, yo) All I would think about is the one I couldn't help.
    (I wanna talk to you for a minute)
    Speak to me, man. (*clears throat*)

    Kevvlar 7
    The news hit my eardrum, the slums became open
    Oakdale, smoke the crooklyn dodger weed within
    Slangin stolen tapes in swollen bags, sippin brew after hours
    Cheatin on tests, we made the honors
    Arm us on the block, we'd sic the rottweilers on em
    Flaunt em for bitches up in french class
    Wrote rhymes on notepads, frontin like we push the newest Benz class
    Bent fast on the gridiron while you was riflin shots
    Quick Stop spots was the last time I'd see you
    I gave you a cap inside the last dream I see you
    I still peep you, talkin fast and hustlin cream
    Chasin knowledge, the last plateau you'd set your feet
    Teachin lessons, it's a blessin a muhfuckaz gone
    What went wrong is a constant song sung where I'm from
    You're land is promised, you're livin better than us
    Honest, it's gorgeous to see a soul restin with honor

    I was concieved in a foxhole, plenty of wolves
    Alligator on my chest, see my face in a mold
    I tote AK grammar quote, one man platoon
    Stratagize third eye, will lift brass spoons
    Raccoons hat soon, plus nina in my room
    Give a gold kiss, my future bright like UFO blips
    I'll hand you my page, could you feel my drift
    My heart is steel, mind stiff, diamond cave rich
    Langston Hughes intrusion, poet at heart
    Flowin like shark fins that glow in the dark
    You can't miss me, sippin Mississippi Masala
    Down in Dixie, my bitches prissy keep the pussy pretty
    My life is a square with all left turns
    If you step in my direction, it's your essence that burns
    I'm a man of many hats, black hoodies no furs
    A tangled web of razor sharp thoughts travel in hurds

    You know the type, B
    Scramblin the night streets
    Cherish riches, made killers before they 19
    I'm from the D and
    This is how we eatin
    No matter what, we runnin to rock beats man
    It's hell where we sleep, have slept
    Dealt us bogus hands, Sherry stans' gone where does the pain come from
    Miffed by the floor show, light shine too bright
    I need silence in the court room, it's fortune 500
    Time's commin, but I ain't buyin groceries with a brick
    Thinkin big, fuck a chain and a bracelett, it bank slips
    No gray shit, got two pits they don't play shit
    Be the ignoramus, catch fire from the stainless
    Fuck rap, all I hear is the same shit
    Commercialized rap guys wit a lame grip
    Too lazy to create shit
    I'm outer space wit this rap style amazin
    Evaporate your liquid swords, inhale a great wind
    Wit an approach that was only known by cavemen
    Here to slay men or have it where you spaced in
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